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    Nicholas janousek

    dreadlocks changing more than your hair

    02/23/12 11:06:03AM, by General Talk
    so I'm posting this out of curious but I'm wondering what has changed about yourself since you've started dreading whether they be major or minor so I guess I'll start Since I've started dreading my self esteem has begin to rise and I dont find myself unattractive or a horrible person I'm...

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    Circle Dancer

    Never thought I'd say this but I want more loops and bumps!

    02/23/12 04:06:34AM, by General Talk
    I'm having some sort of awakening lol... realized over the past week that instead of wanting to palm roll I'm staring at my dreads wanting to see more loops, bumps, zig zags, and it makes me laugh because I was the person having all this anxiety at the beginning, asking things like "They won't...

    Replies 29
    Rebekah Shupe

    Natural Dreads At Lightning Speed (updated)

    02/06/12 12:30:39AM, by Member Journals and Timelines
    SO...I've been having a minor conflict for the past little while. I'm not sure if I want to continue my natural set, or if I want to comb out the current progress and TnR them or have them backcombed. I've heard how damaging backcombing can be, so I'm not sure about going with that method, but...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    retwisting dreads locs dangers

    02/02/12 12:59:40AM, by Help! Save My Dreads
    retwisting locs or dreads is not necessary and not recomended whats worse is it comes with serius dangers that can cause permanent harm. retwisting dreadlocks puts extreme tension on the roots which causes a slowly prof=gressing condition called traction alopecia days ago a dread whos had...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    wax remover from

    01/28/12 11:54:18AM, by Dread Products
    vicky from has perfected the new wax b gone dread wax remover and has tested it by smearing a ton of wax on her dread way overwaxing to the piint where it stuck to her neck, and stiuck straight out and collected every bit of lint she can=me in contact with. she was grossed...

    Replies 6
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    dreadheadhq called rippoff and scam

    01/16/12 04:03:48AM, by Dread Products
    found on here the following ripoff report was filed against dreadheadhq he products sold by this company contain harsh chemicals(Sodium Laureth Sulfate) which damaged my scalp...

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    Karrington <3

    Retwisting Really Isn't Necessary

    01/10/12 10:43:09PM, by General Talk
    Hi hi! I have been dreading for 4 months and 2 weeks and I have done lots of trial and error type things with my locks. My hair started out being twisted into spiral curls about once a week until I got tired of doing it and decided that I wanted dreads instead. (I had been fighting this for...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    reasons not to use a dread kit from those whove used a dreadkit

    01/10/12 12:00:23AM, by Dread Products
    if you had used a dread kit in the past and had to start over and now want to pleade with other new dreadheads to not fall for the dreaded dreadkit please share yoir experiences here and tell the world why youd never recomend anyone use the dreaded dread kit or any other products like wax

    Replies 28
    Andrea Harclerode

    Dreadlocks at school??

    01/08/12 07:23:33PM, by Life Issues Facing Dreads
    I dont know if there is already a topic on this or not and my computer is too slow to go through and look for it so sorry if im repeating someone else... anyways, i have a few dreads on the underside of my hair that i could easily hide from school administrators, i really want to naturally let...

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    Caleb Tokarska

    4 Months of Dreads

    01/08/12 03:22:21PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
    Josie and I

    Replies 6
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    new dread locking gel from

    01/08/12 11:59:52AM, by Dread Products makers of the best dreadlocks shampoo i ever used is soon to come out with a new dreadlocks locking gel like no other we all know how bad waxes are in dreads well many locking gels are chemical and contain plastics in em! they harden and buildup like wax this new locking...

    Replies 113
    Shannon Friedel

    No more maintenance.

    01/03/12 10:59:10AM, by Dread Maintenance
    My dreads are 2 months old now and up until this point I have used crochet hooks, I've palm rolled, and I've used a loose hair tool. I am stopping all of it. The crochet hooks kept breaking, palm rolling does nothing for the long run, just for the 20 minutes until you need to do it again. And...

    Replies 9

    Naturally occurring dreadlocks a concept difficult to grasp

    12/31/11 10:41:13AM, by General Talk
    18 months have past so far on my journey and I would like to share the common denominator of all comments: Most people do not understand that dreadlocks form on their own. Not only that but mostpeopleI explained it too could not or would not accept that fact...It seem to "clash" with...

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    Totally Alex

    The wax truth,

    12/31/11 01:12:22AM, by Saved Dreads Success Stories
    Probably like,a thousand things on this, but here's mine anyway. Im writing this 'cause my friend just re-started her dreads the natural way after using dread head hq wax.starting dreads, maintaining them, however with anywax honestlyy, is just horrible man, its so sticky and crap, it hurts the...

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    Aya Heartright

    letting go- how my loopy dreads point out neurosis

    12/28/11 10:48:16AM, by Dread Maintenance
    :sigh: I'm starting to understand why so many spiritual paths regard dreads with high esteem. I see my emotions being so tied to these little knots, and seeing how my reactions to them also reflect how I react in the "outside world," so to speak. I started this post to complain about my loops...

    Replies 20
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