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    Supa Dread

    My Dread ressurrection from wax to natural

    06/04/12 09:06:11PM, by Saved Dreads Success Stories
    Whattup ya'll im writing this on here for a cpl reasons. One because i owe SE and a bunch of ya'll here a big heartfelt thank you for helping me "see the light" about dreads, and second because its never too late to fix your mistakes in dreading, much like life. I started my dreads in sept 2011...

    Replies 19
    Emma Dawn

    As if loctician salons weren't expensive enough, WAX does more damage than you think!!!

    05/27/12 08:20:26PM, by Dread Products
    The cost of salon dreads is ridiculous and the damage the wax does to your hair and skin is even worse. Ive had my dreads since September of 2009 and have spent more than $3,000 at the salon alone. My stylist charged me $250 to start my dreads and $150-$180 every two weeks for maintenance. I have...

    Replies 19
    Sarah Weathers

    My Journey From Waxy Salon Dreads to My NOW Wax-Free Natural Dreads!

    05/04/12 07:22:19PM, by salon and loctician dreads recovery
    Hello to everyone :) First a BIG THANK YOU to Soaring Eagle and this community for helping guide me from my waxy salon dreads to my now wax-free natural ones. I am on my first week wax-free. I wanted to post a bit about my journey, including photos which I hope you can see. The first photo is...

    Replies 69
    Baker Street

    Baking Soda and Sea Salt ratios

    05/01/12 03:25:57PM, by Dread Maintenance
    Spraying with sea salt? Washing with baking soda? How do I make these solutions??? Well I am a pharmacy tech and I can tell you whats up for wonderful clean and tight dreads. NaHCO3Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda is naturally occurring in nature and is found in the oceans and our blood and is...

    Replies 88
    nicole hernandez

    picture results of using wax

    04/24/12 10:58:28PM, by Help! Save My Dreads
    soooo iv had my dreads for about 2 ys now and a few of them are really hard and i always wondered why...i finally cut into them to find this.. just wanted to show anyone who is thinking about using wax... IV DONE THE BS VINEGER BODY SPLASH WASH A FEW TIMES DOESNT SEEM TO WORK...MAYB BC MY...

    Replies 35
    Baba Fats

    It's not a race

    04/21/12 09:22:54PM, by Introduce Yourself
    This isn't an introduction to myself. Most of you already know me, anyway. This is an introduction to your new journies. I hear it a lot. Many people start their locks with the anticipation that in a few days or weeks, they will have nice formed mature locks. Some people will even be willing...

    Replies 37
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    volunteers wanted for "outreach programs"

    04/21/12 12:32:26AM, by Help! Save My Dreads
    would love to have a few volunteers to take on some projects call it outreach programs since alotta ppl get info from a variety of sourses like yahoo answers youtube etc i would love it if a few people volunteered to answer questions on these sites and or create instructional or informational...

    Replies 25

    Essential Oils & Pregnancy

    04/21/12 12:23:48AM, by Dread Products
    There are somecompoundsin certain essential oils that have hormone-like behavior because of their molecular structure and although there is no conclusive evidence on the effect of estrogenic oils it would be prudent to avoid anethole rich oils, likefennelandaniseedduring pregnancy. Although...

    Replies 18
    Baba Fats

    fat Locks take special care

    04/17/12 06:34:37PM, by Dreads Hair and Scalp Health
    I sent this to a friend a while ago, but I figured he shouldn't be the only one here who gets to read it. This is my method for washing and drying locks, for those of you who have super fat sections and don't want to make them smaller. First off, Awesome. I love fat locks. Join the club....

    Replies 21
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    letter to employers concerning dreadlocks

    03/29/12 02:05:37PM, by dreads jobs employment issues
    I had written one of these before but was unable to find it and was asked to write one again so here goes. it will need editing of course. to the employer (or prospective employer of)____ I am writing you today concerning your employees desire to grow (or keep) their dreadlocks and to keep...

    Replies 20
    raene folden

    wax vs. no wax

    03/12/12 09:03:24PM, by Dread Products
    Three years ago I was 16 and had my hair back combed and perm-dreaded...they told me to not wash for two whole months! GROSS! They meant no water even. And I used wax, which was highlyrecommended. No, I didn't listen about washing not washing my hair, how could I? Anyway...It didn't take me...

    Replies 24
    Mariana Moonbeam

    Trying to convince your parents to let you get dreads? Here's the PowerPoint that worked for me :)

    03/12/12 05:32:45PM, by Dreads in the Family
    Dreadlocks Powerpoint So after two years of trying to convince my parents I made them this powerpoint and it worked by the way, I don't condone using any special "dread shampoos", I just added that in there to make a point :) unfortunately, I didn't save all my sources so I'll be trying to...

    Replies 24
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    best dreadlocks shampoo weekly giveaway new updates

    03/07/12 08:34:33PM, by Dread Products
    last week i announced this week would go to most invites to join, well nobody at all said they were invited so it went to next weeks "hardship case" a deserving person who just could not afford it. So we have some new ideas, every third week will be a hardship case. The following schedule will...

    Replies 17
    Carina Nicole

    My Dreadful Journey!

    02/28/12 11:01:02PM, by Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone! Names Carina. I'm 21, Live in BC with my soon to be Husband, and our baby girl. I have an addiction to dreadlocks. I have had dreads in the past, and I just can't stop putting knots in my hair. Last time I did dreads I used wax, I hated loose hairs, I hated bumps, Loops, You name...

    Replies 6
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    dread wax remover is ready!

    02/26/12 05:35:02PM, by Dread Products
    the newdread wax remover is finally ready to ship. info "WAX B-GONE" The Ultimate Cure For Removing Wax From Dreads Finally the ultimate cure for removing hair destroying WAX. Introducing, WAX B-GONE the super safe and all natural solution, that rescues your...

    Replies 21
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