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Location: Cyclone, WV
Zipcode: 24827
Country: US


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Jack Roth
11/25/10 07:11:53PM @jack-roth:
Yo man greetings from the the UK :D I love ure timeline videos i first watched them when u were at 9 months and i kept up to date ever since. Your locks are awesome, some to truly be proud of ! Keep dreadin' brother!

11/21/10 10:13:02PM @dreadfultravis:
So, here's something goofy. I've been watching you on youtube for quote some time now and been admiring your knots really hardcore. I was just thinking "how can I get a hold of this guy in some way other than Youtube?" Come to find out I saw a post you put in a discussion and found out you're on here. so what is up man?! I love your knots hit me back when you get a chance would love to chat with you a bit sometime. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/09/10 11:08:31AM @soaring-eagle:
theyre usualy ok with an accidental click and stuff just if u click your own adds over and over to raise your income they get u

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/04/10 11:53:48PM @soaring-eagle:
click our videos add video and at bottum use embed code u can add all your vis here too to help raise the counts also i saw a comment u posted about revenue sharing they will contact u when your counts high enough, then u fill out a dorm state that theres no copywritten materials even background music or a tv on in the background will disqualify u if u meet the criteria they revuiew it they said uit can be a week but mine was a day or 2..just so u know it dont pay mucy at all a dollar here and there so far if im lucky most days 2-3 cents but combined with websites it helps a lil and maybe if u got millions of views it will pay i need to get around to more vids soon

colbi godlove
10/03/10 11:22:45PM @colbi-godlove:
Nice to see you join the site bro!

Brandon Arnold
10/03/10 04:29:41PM @brandon-arnold:

10/03/10 12:38:32AM @foxpaw:
I've seen all of your videos at least twice man. I just love seeing the transformation of your hair, tis a beautiful thing. And just from watching your videos, I can tell that your great guy and a positive being.How much longer have they gotten since your last video?

10/03/10 12:03:12AM @vates:
Ha ha I see you got the youtube message mang :)

10/02/10 03:03:38PM @orbit2332:
i dig the stuff u put about God and jesus on your vids. Gods the man, best thing thats ever happened and that is happening in my life is having a personal relationship with God and the locks by the way

Emmy G
10/02/10 01:17:31PM @emmy-g:
I'm so glad you joined!!!! I would like to thank you for proving to the world that you can get awesome locks just by letting nature take it's course. I have not brushed my hair in 35 days & i love what it's doing, but I probably never would have taken that step if I hadn't found your videos. Thanks so much!!!

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