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By: exportLOVE
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So I am starting my first ever set of dreads :) So far I am LOVING IT. I had a few twist and rips at the nape of my neck but took them out because I wanted it to be an even steven playing field all across my head.

So anyways, I have watched a ton of videos on youtube about other's dreadlock journeys but not many have strait hair like I do. I am just curious to find my other fellow strait hair neglect dreadlock peeps out there! I would like to know when they really started to notice a change in their hair. I know change isn't going to happen over night but honestly I never really brushed my hair much before I decided I wanted dreadlocks and my hair did absolutely fine. Stick strait fine hair. That's a lie it isn't stick strait it has a bit of wave.

I love that it is teaching me patience if nothing else. Everyone could use a bit more patience :)

08/29/12 01:54:16PM @ixchel:

i know other ppl have had issues with buildup from bs, do you have hard water?

& feeling knots in there is good! i can feel things happening but it's undetectable by eye/camera. i wrote a blog post about it, it was a pretty great nightseparating/counting & feeling each baby dread :)

08/29/12 01:42:34PM @exportlove:
There are no strait sticks you are correct! Many common sayings make no literal sense though. ;)

08/29/12 01:41:34PM @exportlove:
Under my fingernails. Yuck! I have neutragena clarifying shampoo but was wondering of anyone had any suggestions as to any other ones? I will have to do the clairifying once a month or so just to give my head a good clean :)

08/29/12 01:39:56PM @exportlove:
I do know I have knots in there. I just can't see them. Also I notice I get a ton of buildup from baking soda wash. When I scratch my head I have gook

08/29/12 11:12:47AM @ixchel:

& i never understood the term "stick straight" show me a straight stick, i dare you! unless you'vewhittledit down they have knots & twists & turns & texture to them. maybe board straight, doesn't have quite the same ring to it but it seems more accurate lol.

08/29/12 11:06:41AM @ixchel:

i have smooth silky straight hair. & never really brushed before taking the step to dreads either, just finger combed & used a ton of conditioners. i've let it go natural for almost 7 months now & i have one knot/loop (but don't panic! my snail pace results are not typical). Most ppl will see something sooner than that, & a few longer. The key is to just forget you have hair on your noggin & let it go free & wild. Love it everyday no matter how messy or not messy it may be. Enjoy the process & journey, even if it's a long one, because the path is beautiful to behold.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/29/12 12:40:18AM @soaring-eagle:

we had some stick straight and fine hair start dreading in days..not ypical but happens

you'll probly see progres before u expect to

Marlee Batchelder
08/29/12 12:30:32AM @marlee-batchelder:

I have pretty straight hair as well and am also thinking of letting my whole head go naturally. I haven't started mine yet and thus won't have much advice (yet) but I'd love to hear what information you gather/what you learn as you dread yours!

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