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Location: Benson, NC
Zipcode: 27504
Country: US


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johnny clean

thanks to johnny clean, my first set...
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This guy from Brazil has natural dreads, 21 years old


Amazing Grace
03/20/11 02:14:04AM @amazing-grace:
i asked my cousin about some stores. she said Buddas Belly isnt there anymore....but there is one called Altheas Attic at 420 Eastwood rd...haha ironic.and there is another one she wont tell me about bcuz she said they suck and refers to promote them. hmm....goodluck! pehaps we will run into each other one day. what part of the area are you moving to?

Amazing Grace
03/19/11 02:32:35PM @amazing-grace:
No I dont live in Wilmington. I live in Charlotte. I have family that lives in Wilmington. there is a store there called Buddas Belly. It's kinna a lame head shop but they might have tams. Its actually more of a skater shop with glass pipes. It used to be a cool headshop. I havnt been there in several years tho so I dont know what its like now. But u can buy Bronners at alot of Harris teeters. some dont have it. the big ones do. I'll ask my cousin if she knows any good places and will get back to you. ask me again in case i 4get :)

01/05/11 11:25:39PM @freejaybird:
haha dude badass! Love dubstep. Especially that song! It's what I listen to when I drive high and just wanna be chill. So awesome.

12/19/10 08:10:44PM @kyle:
Cool dreads dude. I can't wait until mine are that mature,yours look so solid.. Also cool to stumble upon another fellow skateboarder/filmer.. Bless

12/03/10 05:44:55PM @kaitelyn:
our dreads match :3 haha

Little Miss Tripp
11/29/10 05:02:58PM @little-miss-tripp:
haha i know right, u should come out and jam with will and i

11/22/10 04:22:30AM @snuf:
Okay, damn :bIt is very nice!!

Emily Smith
11/21/10 09:38:07PM @emily-smith:
Hi there. = ]

Little Miss Tripp
11/21/10 03:44:05PM @little-miss-tripp:
hey how goes it!

Amazing Grace
08/12/10 09:39:02AM @amazing-grace:
hahahaha thats awsome! I had this family in my neighborhood that i basicly lived with for like 5 years an Karen was the mothers sister. I used to go visit with them sometimes and was at all the family gatherings. thats cool u know them.

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