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crochet recovery fluffiness

user image 2011-08-21
By: Evelyn Maes
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I have my dreads, crochet recovery, for 5months and 2 weeks now. Since 2 months ago they became very fluffy. So I was wondering if anyone knows when they will start forming better en get more tighter so these lose hairs and frizz around them and will get less messy?

I know patience is the key but they are like this for the last few months and because of this i never want to wear them down, it is such a mess.

Here's a pic so you get a small idea how they look like right now, bit of a weird position but try to take a picture of your back haha.

Evelyn Maes
08/21/11 12:02:20PM @evelyn-maes:

I saw this site a week after i had them so i didn't maintain them, just pull apart preventing congo's. Could wearing them up every day keep them from developing faster or has this no effect on them?

I have tried sea salt 3 times but didn't see much difference after using it. Maybe I'll buy some spray bottle, when i used salt i just soaked them for e while before i took a shower.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/21/11 11:17:32AM @soaring-eagle:

messy? they look good

but crochet recovery takes time typically 6 mo ths if u just started em with crochet can be longer if u maintained em that way too

wear em down they will love it

and dnt think of it as a mess they are beautiful

some sea salt will help em tighten

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