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Why do people try to mis inform!

By: Evelyn Maes
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Yesterday i was at a family party where a women happened to be who has dreads. they were pretty long and completely straight, no bumps or loops or even almost no lose hair. Later on the day of course the hair became the subject of a conversation between some guests. So I heard some people ask her if that was hard to maintain and stuff like that, i heard her say yes and it costs a lot, so i looked at her with a face like uh?? She probably noticed that and started talking to me asking where i have let me dreads put in, so i told her and she happens to have let her dreads done by the same person. But for my feelings that person had mis informed me, she recommended wax, even putted a huge amount in them and i also told her i wasn't happy about the wax.

She started telling me what i should doe with my dreads and trying to make me scared. Like i HAVE to use wax and that i definitely should let them maintained by the woman who putted them in (i had a small feeling they were good friends ore something), that my small ones were to thin who came in by natural dreading and that they will break off, that if i don't maintain the roots i would go bald. Huh?? I didn't really said much back because i'm pretty stubborn and already made up my mind what i wanted to do with my dreads.

After telling me what to do she turned back to the other people who were still asking things about her dreads so i had the chance to look good at her dreads, she said she had them for like 6 years but they weren't even felted! they had this crochet structure and after the remark of someone who wanted to feel on them that they felt like dog hair (which is pretty hard and stiff) i just knew her dreads were full with wax and after looking even better i could see some wax in them (dirty spots) and even little holes in them??! From the crochet hook maybe? So from a distance they looked spotless and neat but that was not what i wanted on my head, i prefer to have more natural like dreads that are felted and not sticked together hair with lots of wax in them that even after 6 years have this manufactured look!

Evelyn Maes
06/18/11 02:56:30PM @evelyn-maes:
That's a very nice saying Danielle :D I also like the way they look naturally, mine are doing their own thing now. I absolutely love them how they are now, almost every day they look different while they are forming.

Danielle Young
06/15/11 09:00:13PM @danielle-young:
Anyone who doesn't respect the individuality of natural locs are suspect to me all together. When locs are allowed to form freely as they will, its so funny how everyone's locs are so extremely different but they are a greater (more apparent) extension of the individual wearing them. Forcing them by crocheting and wax destroys their seemingly intuitive and natural power. I believe you're right in not arguing with her. There is an old saying, "Never argue with a fool, a stranger approaching may not be able to tell which one is the fool."

Evelyn Maes
06/07/11 02:39:43AM @evelyn-maes:
Well she was one of those people who is so convinced of her self that you just can't begin a discussion about them, she didn't even told me nicely but it sounded more like some command. I know from the past that starting to explain why i don't agree with those people doesn't end in a nice conversation. They just think because they have dreads longer than i have them that they automatically know it better and their way is the right way. I just have patience and one day when there is an other family party i will have nice felted dreads that look natural and she will see she was wrong :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/06/11 06:57:21PM @soaring-eagle:

i would have told her the truth ..why let her go on living a lie?

at least if shes aware of the truth she has a choice to live the lie or acceopt the truth

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