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Evelyn Maes


Location: Merelbeke
Country: BE


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Dreads and energy

By Evelyn Maes, 2014-01-12

Hi everyone

I wanted to talk about something that was keeping my mind buzzy. I got my dreads in 2011 so now 3 years later a lot happened. For some reason i had the feeling this new year would bring a new start to me, little did i know what that might hold. Suddenly, i felt it, it's hard to explain but somehow it feels like dreads hold energy. For me this was heavy energy from the past 3 years, everything i have been trought felt like it was somehow still with my. It felt like i had to let it go... So with a lot of courage i started to comb my dreads out. It was a quit emotional time and it took me 3 days to complete. So there i was, somehow released on one hand, a bit saddened on the other. Letting go something i cared so much about for a few years, see them grow and develop, cherished them. It was quit intense it still it saddens me a bit but somehow it felt like the right choice to make. I don't know if i ever will have dreads again. They were a quit interesting journey to me and learned me a lot.

So here is my last picture i took on the day i started combing...

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crochet recovery fluffiness

By Evelyn Maes, 2011-08-21


I have my dreads, crochet recovery, for 5months and 2 weeks now. Since 2 months ago they became very fluffy. So I was wondering if anyone knows when they will start forming better en get more tighter so these lose hairs and frizz around them and will get less messy?

I know patience is the key but they are like this for the last few months and because of this i never want to wear them down, it is such a mess.

Here's a pic so you get a small idea how they look like right now, bit of a weird position but try to take a picture of your back haha.

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Why do people try to mis inform!

By Evelyn Maes, 2011-06-06

Yesterday i was at a family party where a women happened to be who has dreads. they were pretty long and completely straight, no bumps or loops or even almost no lose hair. Later on the day of course the hair became the subject of a conversation between some guests. So I heard some people ask her if that was hard to maintain and stuff like that, i heard her say yes and it costs a lot, so i looked at her with a face like uh?? She probably noticed that and started talking to me asking where i have let me dreads put in, so i told her and she happens to have let her dreads done by the same person. But for my feelings that person had mis informed me, she recommended wax, even putted a huge amount in them and i also told her i wasn't happy about the wax.

She started telling me what i should doe with my dreads and trying to make me scared. Like i HAVE to use wax and that i definitely should let them maintained by the woman who putted them in (i had a small feeling they were good friends ore something), that my small ones were to thin who came in by natural dreading and that they will break off, that if i don't maintain the roots i would go bald. Huh?? I didn't really said much back because i'm pretty stubborn and already made up my mind what i wanted to do with my dreads.

After telling me what to do she turned back to the other people who were still asking things about her dreads so i had the chance to look good at her dreads, she said she had them for like 6 years but they weren't even felted! they had this crochet structure and after the remark of someone who wanted to feel on them that they felt like dog hair (which is pretty hard and stiff) i just knew her dreads were full with wax and after looking even better i could see some wax in them (dirty spots) and even little holes in them??! From the crochet hook maybe? So from a distance they looked spotless and neat but that was not what i wanted on my head, i prefer to have more natural like dreads that are felted and not sticked together hair with lots of wax in them that even after 6 years have this manufactured look!

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