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September 21st 2012 - Day 4 (Dread Babies forming)

user image 2012-09-21
By: Eve2
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SO, I guess I am going to start a personal blog journal of my journey with dreads (and try and keep up with it).

Super excited. Got payed today so I am going to go out and buy some items to pamper my dread babies with. Some clasps, oil, vinegar, wraps, hairbands...etc. This whole experience is like Christmas everyday for me..seeing how they evolve bring new surprises.Maybe I am a little over joyous with it, but I don't care.

And I owe a lot of my joy to Soaring Eagle for enlightening me so much with his site and experiences, as well as the members here for the support and continued advice. Let the journey begin.....

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/21/12 05:45:54PM @soaring-eagle:

congrats :)

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