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user image 2011-10-30
By: Eva-Jo
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Thought this was appropriate to share here. I came across this poem and instantly felt at ease <3

10/30/11 11:18:39PM @eva-jo:
Definitely agree. The struggle to conform to a materialistic world is just a shame. I refuse to live up to anyone else's standards anymore, they are the blind. I've never had a problem being myself, but on the inside I've always felt embarrassed. I've struggled with insecurities all my life. I'm at the point where I'm learning to really love myself.

Castaway J
10/30/11 10:02:27PM @castaway-j:

wow i liked that and it can be applied to both. just saying

10/30/11 09:52:28PM @eva-jo:

::sigh:: I obviously don't know how to post things correctly. Give me a break, I'm new ;)

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