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Dread Doubt

By: Eva Deva
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I guess it is bound to happen to the best of us at the worst of times.

I'm beginning to seriously question my dreads.
I get negative feedback on them constantly now ... i don't care who you are, eventually that shit starts to wear you down. -

and since they have recently been getting extremely unruly i'm starting to look at them differently too.

loose hair is sprouting from my scalp, and working out of my dreads more every day. my dreads are kongoing faster than i can keep them apart. i've been leaving them alone and keeping them clean but the roots arent doing much to keep the process going and i am beginning to wonder that maybe i don't have the right hair for this, or something.

my personal life is a haze of uncertainty, fear and depression and a dark cloud has descended on my spirit.

i am trying very hard to resist and stay positive, and keep my focus from my outer appearance, but it is getting difficult.

sometimes i wonder if my dreads have been simply an outward manifestation of how i feel internally...disorganized, chaotic,..and..well...unwelcoming.

not sure what to do, really. but im gonna try and wait before i make any moves, as i know a LOT is going on in the world at the moment, and i tend to be an individual who soaks things up.

i need roots. thats for sure. just questioning...

12/22/10 03:01:48PM @gaz:
Hello Eva I ve only been dreading my hair 6 months or so and I have had a few points when I have felt disapointed with my dreads. But reading peoples experiences off this site has really helped me on my way. Everyone has doubtfull days we are only human at the end of the day. My advice is to buy yourself some nice hats, tams or bandanas. At least then on the days you dont feel so confident you can cover them up. Some days I look in the mirror and think what the hell does my hair look like lol. Then I make a conscious decission to either accept them, have a few minutes head banging to make em even more wild or cover them. The end of the day only you know your own personal feelings on your hair so good luck with what ever you decide.

12/20/10 06:43:22PM @stephanie2:

I love having dreads, and from someone who's now dreaded twice, sometimes its just gotta go, as painful (both literal and figurative) as it may be. Just like any hair style.. It might not be forever. I don't suggest removing them until you are absolutely SURE you want to, because starting from day one isn't ever fun.

If you think its the way things in your life are going now, then wait until it all blows over. Things always get better with time, so when whatever you are going through lightens up, then your decision could be better made. Removing them at a time when you're frustrated is like when brittney spears went nuts and shaved her head lol. DONT BE BRITTNEY :b

In all seriousness though, go w/ your gut :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/20/10 03:20:11PM @soaring-eagle:
your dreads are doing fine ..your environmemt and emotional state isntyour surrounded by negativity thats making u negative tooput up a wall to negativity dont let it affect you at the same time seek out possitivity find support and those who admore you (heres a good place to start)take care of your emotional state and find a way to be happyyoir dreads..and yoir perception of yoiur dreads will improve greatly as your emotional state improves and as u free yourself from negative influences

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