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My head is a Strawberry Patch

user image 2010-10-18
By: Eva Deva
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Srsly You Guys.So, almost two months in to a full head of "locks"...I havent done anything but keep em clean...haven't been re-tightening them with the Hook since after I found this site...and my hair is CONGO CITY ARIZONA...I've spent the last two weeks just keepin things more or less seperated...There was a point where at least seven of my locks in the back were all forming together in to one...No Bueno, Son - I'm not tryn for that...I've managed to get them all apart except for two tenacious ones, we'll see...we'll see..Its like my locks are shooting out little runners (Like a strawberry patch), little roots, and are grabbin on to any available foothold they can find.I have a massive amount of new growth and loose hair... Not touching it...A couple of my sections are dividing themselves at the roots - like you can tell that a portion does not agree with the section it is in, i'm trying to divide them out without ripping, but mostly i'm leaving it alone to see what happens.the rest is holding together nicely...My scalp is getting really itchy, but it always does in the fall - as does the rest of my skin...season change...I'm trying to go for longer periods without washing so as not to strip natural oils.It is a different experience to be in public now, it takes twice as long to get errands done, because people ask questions. it is nice interacting...People also now believe my drivers license is a fake, now that I do not look anything like the girl in the picture...gotta fix that soon.
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