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kinda hurt today

user image 2011-10-27
By: Erin Scherer
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my aunt wrote "where did my beautiful niece go?" i think the dreads add to beauty, not take away.

Circle Dancer
01/20/12 11:17:47PM @circle-dancer:

That's incredibly rude. I'm sorry. :( *hug*

Erin Scherer
11/01/11 09:08:06AM @erin-scherer:

thanks for all the comments! you all are very uplifting!!

Helen sparrow
10/29/11 02:55:12PM @helen-sparrow:

Ooooh I know that one I'm 26 now and I've been getting those comments from my family ever since I dyed my hair pink when I was 14, I think it's just a natural reaction when the person that have tried to mould into a mini image of themselves starts thinking for themselves (a little differently). I shouldn't worry too much they still make the occasional remark, but with a rye smile..cos they know now I won't change for anyone!! heehee they know that I am confident in who i am and they might not necessarily like it, but they have learnt to respect it :-)

10/27/11 09:45:43PM @sambo:
you are gorgeous. my response to your aunt would be "where did my loving aunt go?". just to reiterate - you are GORGEOUS. peace :)

Castaway J
10/27/11 04:51:25PM @castaway-j:

and you are absolutely mom saw my hair for the first time a week ago, after she was like omg look at your hair and grabbing it n squeezing it i said dont im letting it lock. her response was your doing what?! oh no..well i still love you anyway..i gave her the wtf look.

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