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dreadlocks shampoo
Eric Is Asche


Location: Cordova, MD
Zipcode: 21625
Country: US


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Star Child
03/23/11 10:31:12PM @star-child:
heyheyhey you look wicked farout lets be friends :]

merry divinorum
11/19/10 02:03:06PM @merry-divinorum:
well thanks same here ur hair fucking rocks :) plus the beard makes it grrrreat

Dawnmarie Currier
07/22/10 11:40:08AM @dawnmarie-currier:
aww thanks eric! fern gully i had to google image it and thats such a cute compliment ill have to watch that movie soon. Your locks are looking beautiful as well, where are you from?

04/12/10 02:08:07PM @dannylou:
hey brother thanks for the request!

Roger Firedodger
03/26/10 04:08:50PM @roger-firedodger:
sounds great! alaska is awesome. festival season is sweet with the 20 hrs of light per day. so come on up! i will also be traveling around a bunch in the fall post-burningman. so maybe i our paths will cross sooner.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/24/10 03:58:13PM @soaring-eagle:
everyones welcome so come on out

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/23/10 11:40:21PM @soaring-eagle:
oh no u cant use money at a gathering everuthings free completely and the tribes gathering might be questionable but the real rainbows still trueto its vissionn and amazingits comppetely non comercial so u cant buy or sell anything only give share or trade we have healthcare food everythung free

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/23/10 02:54:26PM @soaring-eagle:
nope not at all its just another fest theres the peace conspiracty gathering of the tribes in mo that was related, many years ago a group decided they didnt want to go to i think it wass texas but not sure they decided to try hijacking consensus by announcing theyre own gathering at the same time.. since then they bullied the main website to try fircing thim to list the psudo gathering along side the real ones ..even threattened the webmasters life and his kids the website they creatred has had viruses, hasd spy like ac=tivity the real gasthering site eventualy stopped listing events allowing peace conspiract to take over listings out of frustrartion so now the 1 gatherijgs are listed together 1 looking just like the other unless u see4 the small print that says 1 is the unoficial rainbow consensed at spring coiuncil the other says gathering of the tribes not the unoficial rainbow family gawthering still many get confused anfd go to the peace conspiracy gathering which is just a real small campout nmusic fest..but they try hard to take ppl away from the real gathering to it.. gathering of the vibes and other psudo gatherings ride on the popularity of rain bow so ppl think theyre related only to arive and need tickets to get in

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/19/10 02:53:29PM @soaring-eagle:
brim would be great need plenty of room for dreads and most importantly need a drawstring to keep it oncolors are up to u but rainbow colors is fine or well any colors u got alotta

Lonnie Berg
03/10/10 04:02:59PM @lonnie-berg:
We're glad you're here Brother and look forward to seeing ya round often....namaste'

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