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Can your hair be to curly for dreads?

By: Eric Andrikowich
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my hair feel like it just curls up so much like it will not lock or knot any tips or ideas

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/08/12 03:24:08AM @soaring-eagle:

it is locking up what your seeing is it happening but your only weeks in stop watching so closely

im sure youve seen time lapsed films of plants growing vines twisting and twirling around everything as it climbs towards the sun dreads grow alot like that only reaching towards the ground

but you can watch a plant all day and never see it growing

but if you looked at that sanme plant only once every month for a few years youd be amazed at how its grown

being patient and letting it happen takes that type of perception alteration..

step back from it stop waiting for it and just trust that its always happening

do you think the journey ends when they are fully locked?

it goes on and on...and your already on it

so does it matter if your fully locked in a day a year or some point you will be fully locked but thers no destinations.. the journey goes on and on

i bet ya tho in 3 months you'll be amazed at how much they will have dreaded

06/07/12 09:31:47PM @ixchel:

wait. as posted on your timeline it looks like your hair will knot quickly, but don't be too antsy about results. Just enjoy every day without worry. give them plenty of love & time, browse through the timelines & photos for other curly haired dreadies (Sam, Rachel NattyDee). You are still very early in, & while some people see results that quickly, many do not. Give it several months before you worry about knots not forming, so far it looks like you head is doing just fine. Relax.

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