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Entangled Particle
@entangled-particle • 5 months ago
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Entangled Particle
07/17/17 01:49:13PM @entangled-particle:

Hi! I have been a little over a week in my loc journey and very excited about it. A little impatient too :) I did some research online and watched a lot of youtube videos (Lazydreads was especially insightful) before deciding to dread my hair but only recently found this site. It's strange that this site doesn't turn up in the search results on the first page because you wouldn't believe the number of combinations of words I used in my search because I, like every newbie, had a lot of doubts and was a little wary of the commitment it takes for dreadlocks. After going deep down the internet rabbit hole did I come across this gem of a site. The information here is incredible. And though I rarely like creating public social profiles (paranoid and private by nature), I would love to learn and share my journey here. Good wishes to those new to dreadlocks and a warm hello to the veterans! 

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