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How having dreads has changed me.

user image 2009-11-25
By: Emily
Posted in:
I was wondering how having dreadlocks has changed everyone. Personally I think I'm more accepting of other people and their differences since having dreads. Ive learned that what we're supposed to think is "pretty" or "normal" isn't what we should strive for. Our differences and willingness to show them is what truly makes us beautiful. I used to compare myself to other people and feel bad about the way i was, but now i know that being an individual is far more important than following the crowd and conforming to the norm. And I'm sure I'll learn a lot more in my dready years to come :) How has having dreads changed you??
09/08/10 07:30:51PM @inkedpixie:
Mine have taught me to be more patient, and to not stress over small things.

08/02/10 08:30:38AM @neonlocks:
dreadlocks have given me an extreme sense of peace with my looks. no longer am i a slave to brushes and straighteners and losing up to two hrs every morning to style my hair. now i feel much more natural and beautiful. :)

ashley ✿
07/31/10 02:55:37AM @ashley:
for me, dreads are about a journey in my life that I want to make. They were the first movement to going in a direction that I have wanted to go in for a very long time. I'd always wanted them, and one night, before a concert (a christian band) I was just struck with the urge to finally get them, I believe that the journey that I am making with my dreads is part religious, and part for my body and what not, as I have taken the second step in my journey, and have stopped eating meat. I'd always planned on living my life as simple as I could. I had made a plan to build a house somewhere, and live off the earth, that is really my goal, and strangely getting dread locks is what have kick started this whole thing. Also, they've made me grow as a person, and spiritually. My family had always been a very violent one, and ever since I have gotten dreads, I don't think that I've punched or kicked one of my siblings when I got annoyed at him, like i had done in the past. And I've become more patient, more understanding of everything around me, and more sensitive to people around me. I also feel closer to god, and more out of the shell that I used to be in before...well, this is getting very long, so I'm going to stop writing...

Rodrigo Leão
06/15/10 09:27:57AM @rodrigo-leo:
I liked very much your post. Here, in my country (Brazil), and i think in all over the world , we always will have discrimination based on appearance.And, personally, i think, being what you really are, independent of the opinion of others persons, is a good way to break it.One hug sister. (sorry for my english's mistakes)

04/28/10 06:32:17PM @matt2:
it has totally changed me, it has made me feel get more on with nature. and i had already been a rasta, but i promised i wouldn't convert until i had dreads.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/11/10 12:54:04PM @soaring-eagle:
emm i love u and i know how youve been affected by your dreads and its really improved your life and attitude youve grown so much and continue to every day ive seen a new found confidence in youyour above all that superficial nonsence you dont need to impress anyonethose who cant understand you may never because theyre simply not at your level..youve risen too high above them become too freeand this is just the beginning for you .. strive daily yo become more yourself free of the expectations of others.. just be true to your lifes desires and follow your heart to your bliss

hippie mama
12/16/09 05:48:29PM @hippie-mama:
i would say having dreads made me realize that what makes someone diffrent is also what makes the beautiful. and that you can wear your personality on the outside in the way you look or dress. also that you shouldnt judge people for their diffrence but embrace the unque beauty that everyone has. ive alos learned how to let some ppls negativity not effect my self esteem or my opinion on other people. ive learned that letting someone know more about you can completly change their opinion of what they assumed you were. also and most importantly i learned knowledge is power. if we can teach one person that theyre misconceptions of a certain sterotype is just ignorance. that we can teach people that we are not all the same and that postive vibes are way more effective and appreciated then the negative. once you learn about a person and their lifestyle and choices you can then take a look at yourself and find things you may want to change that you never took a second thought of before. i mean i get people that come up to me to ask me a question about my hair and this has given me new friendships, new views on life and more importantly a chance to make people go "wow she was way nicer and far more intelligent that i thought she would be"

12/05/09 01:47:14AM @faelwynn:
Again as MooseHead stated, I'm afraid my dreads haven't changed me. Rather, they have brought the inner me to the surface. I'm otherkin (send me a message if you have any questions) and have a real time connecting with my soul....with the real me. The dreads have helped me to do that. Something about them just connected the dots if you will...and I love each one of them all the more for it.

11/30/09 02:41:42AM @moosehead:
I wouldn't so much say that having dreads have changed me; rather that they have put forward an image to the world to support my inner personality. I have always been a fairly quiet, laid back, open minded and "hippy minded" kind of person, so dreads haven't changed me at all in that aspect. They've more just made those parts of my personality more obvious for other people.

11/27/09 04:39:56PM @emily:
Thanks for commenting my fellow dreadies :) Its fun to see what you have to say. I think im also much more open since having locks. People who normally wouldnt talk to me at school will ask questions and start up a conversation. I actually thought some people would never understand why i got dreads, but they were very supportive and proved me wrong. Others i thought would support me have also shown me otherwise. either way i try to understand where their coming from and not judge them like theyve done to me. thanks again yall!

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