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user image 2010-05-20
By: Elle
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so i just had real human dreaded hair extentions crocheted to my dreads,i ve done them myself in order not to use wax or nasty stuff to my dreads..thats not the second day of crocheting them in the fell off,well,some of them.Sice i didnt use any i decided to use thread as a decoration and to help my locks stay together until the hair knots in need to wash my dreads...d you think it would be safe D:?i mean would they say in place?i need help ..gahh.lovelovelove bredrens and sistrens =]
Asian Kaleb
05/28/10 08:25:07PM @asian-kaleb:
just saw pics, it might help it lock but your restricting movement, they look great though

Asian Kaleb
05/28/10 08:22:31PM @asian-kaleb:
I'm really not familiar with adding threads to hair, it just sounds similar to felting and that's pure suicide for the locks, don't rush them, they're turn out beautiful without threads. + how would you plan on removing them and they make your hair more a lil more susceptible to mold, not that you would ave to worry *no wax ;)

05/24/10 01:42:18PM @elle:
i just criss crossed treads :) all over the you think it would take too long to knot completley with the rest of the hair? xx

Asian Kaleb
05/24/10 09:55:58AM @asian-kaleb:
Try to find tea tree oil rinse or shampoo, if it's not too late. The problem with crocheting is that the hair is more bent then dreaded, I interlock. and how did you use the tread? sounds scary

Hannah D
05/21/10 08:00:40PM @hannah-d:
i had dreads for a lil more than two months, then brushed them out, in a couple of days i will be dreading my hair again and once they have dreaded for the most part i will be adding extensions using crorchet method too.i would wait a little bit before washing your hair to give it more time to lock up,but when you do wash them be extremly careful. On youtube there is a helpful video of how to attach dread extensions. just search adding dreadlock extensions using no glue. i hope this is helpful. And i would love to hear the results and journey with your love-

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