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veryy worried noobie :)

user image 2010-05-09
By: Elle
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So,I just got dreadlocks by back combing about 4 days ago..i have very straight hair and they turned out very soft and flat.i got really turned off,but the majority of my friends are dreaded (they're all guys) and they told me to give it time because rome wasn't built in a day.i've put elestic bands at the roots and on the ends,though i 've heard loads of different opinions about the's just my hair doesnt look like dreadlocks at looks like matted hair and it wont stay in place,so currently i'm pinning up my hair to my head to avoid looking like sonic the hedgehog.i really do looove my dreads,as i really got them because of the rastafarian fact and not just the fashion statement.i really do need help and support as i m thinking i d never get the dreads i longed to have for ages.
05/15/10 12:59:59PM @elle:
On the day i wrote this,i was totally giving up...its just 6 days on..i got about 4 compliments today,my dreads are knotting a liiil bit everyday :) and i think its fun to watch them grow rather then them being knotty from the very start.i m starting to love them so much.i m letting them be :) let them do their own thing.thanks allooooooooot all of you...sometimes i get on here and read your comments and think 'hey elleee,you re not alone' we re all on this journey together and its great to be members of one family <3 love ya alll dreadies :)

Reece Willmott - Rice
05/15/10 08:51:38AM @reece-willmott-rice:
dreads take time to develop, they look neat and tidy the first day uve got them done, but the second day they start looking worse for ware, but thats natural, as with straight hair, its not naturally knotted, therefore they tryt and go back to their original shape, and become slightly looser, but over time, your hair will get used to being knotted up, and tangled, and then they will start maturing, and looking a hell of a lot better, if u look at my photos, u'll see how they went from proper messy/loose, to now, where they look alot more formed and mature, uve just gotta give it time, and some affection lol patience is the key, and with dreads its the journey that makes the dreads what they are and stand for, as well as what they look like. and as u'll see them develop and change for the better, trust me, its one of the best feelings when u feel ur dreads are getting somewhere :) good luck!

05/14/10 11:35:41AM @izzy-licious:
you don't have to give up modeling entirely... you just need to find the right kind. My roommates cousin models and has very sexy dreads. The concepts are just less vogue fashion and more expressive and artistic.. very cool! If I can find some pic I will ask her if I can post them. She also models for art classes she has been painted a couple times too. You gotta forget you have hair then one day you will look in the mirror and be like "oh dreads...... OH DREADS!!!!" Don't stress love!

Richie Mulina
05/11/10 11:33:42AM @richie-mulina:
Yeah I'm exactly the same way. Rastafarian and all. My hair was extremely soft before I got dreads. I would wash it and after drying it with a towel or hair dryer it looked crazy but about an hour later it's completely strait and perfect. I've had mine for about a month and they look like frizzy little hair balls (if you can tell by my picture, it's old and they still look that way). It'll probably end up taking a while but it'll be worth the wait.

Sean Taylor
05/10/10 05:41:48PM @sean-taylor:
hahaha I know how you feel, I grew up in a super small town where everyone knew everybody and if anything happened people talked about it... it's lame, but they can get over hair

05/10/10 02:31:09PM @elle:
yeaa probably i d just tie them back :] who cares whether i look spiked up?:) well,probably they would care because in this tiny island all you hear is gossip going round..but well they can say what they want to say :)

Sean Taylor
05/10/10 01:44:31PM @sean-taylor:
you can't even have like a thin sports headband in? look at my pics with my hair pulled back thats what I use, and if my hair was just a bit darker it wouldn't even be noticable

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/10/10 01:32:36PM @soaring-eagle:
just dont worry bout how u look?or tie em back

05/10/10 01:20:18PM @elle:
thats what i m doing :) the thing is i have exams on thursday and they dont let us wear head gear if i dont wear a beanie or something i look very similar to johnny bravo xD i dunno what to do xD

Sean Taylor
05/10/10 12:44:48PM @sean-taylor:
if it's sticking up just throw a headband on or something when you go out. all other times try and keep them down though so they can get some movement

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