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Starting over

user image 2013-01-19
By: elle samuels
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I recently cut off my dreads that were started using the wax and palm roll method and decided to start over using the freeformmethod.I had been growing them for to years and I didn't feel like they were healthy. In all honest I only used that method because it was what everyone around me at the time told I should do if I wanted my dreads to "look nice".

I see now how ignorant I was back then. I am a black female in a family of many black females whose idea of beauty have been handed to them through a TV screen. Theyregularlyperm and press their hair and when they learned of my deciding to grow dreads, I could see the disapproval all over their face.

I know that I've started down a road less traveled but it is a journey that I really want to make and it helps to know that there is a site like this that offers support.

01/20/13 08:21:48AM @gingerrose:
You may end up as a role model in the long run ;)

Eddy St. King
01/19/13 08:24:56PM @eddy-st-king:

ah isn't that the worst thing ever? letting people dictate the way that you should behave dress and act? experience is the best teacher so eventually one finds their own way. congrats and good luck you'll be fine

tish jac
01/19/13 07:46:42PM @tish-jac:

good luck! I'm starting my dreads process tomorrow.

melanie rose
01/19/13 07:33:57PM @melanie-rose:
I think you've made a wonderful choice coming to this site and dreading naturally :) welcome and good luck! Don't hesitate to ask if you have a question

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