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No progress

user image 2012-05-29
By: Elizabeth2
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So it's day 10 of no brushing and no washing, Complete neglect of my hair and I've gotten no where.
My hair is just so straight, So flat and so thin it's just not knotting.
I'd normally be pretty happy about this because I hated brushing out knots lol
Any insight on how to get my hair knotty? Do's and don'ts?

Sure it's got a few knots, But they're just straggly loose knots that don't look like they will be doing much.
It looks good in a hair wrap but not what I want :(

06/16/12 03:47:10AM @ixchel:

Don't: mess with it, worry about it.

Do: wash (a few times a week, with bs/acv or liquid for baby dreads), you can use the gel from as well,use a sea salt spray (or add it to your wash mix), "mermaid" wash (swishing your hair in the tub or using a pitcher/jar to pour water over your head instead of letting the shower head hit it...ours is powerful & seems to straighten hair), air dry (our blow dryer also straightens my hair out), beads, hemp orembroiderythread wraps (there are a few different ways to do it, experiment & have fun with it!), let your hair hang in your face & fly in the wind, don't worry about it getting messy because that is kinda what it needs to be doing :)

and most importantly just give it time. Be happy with your hair falling free, love it for what it is every day.

Ashley Kent
05/30/12 05:09:10PM @ashley-kent:

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Also, straight hair looks the best when its in the baby-dreads/messy-ass-mane style!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/29/12 02:20:51PM @soaring-eagle:

10 days is nothing but like they said u want to be washing 1-3 times a week washing helps them dread in fact after u wash u will see more progress in the form of sectinoning

wash then shake it out (dont towel dry) then air dry

you will notice a diference in next 10 days most likely

05/29/12 12:25:46PM @valrie:

You know, aside from washing and using beads, some people don't see progress in natural dreads for a months and I've read that some people don't see any progress for almost a year! 10 days is far too soon to expect leaps and bounds of progress, especially in straight hair. Talk to Ixchel .

Baba Fats
05/29/12 10:51:57AM @baba-fats:

Find a bead that will fit snugly on a section and twist the tip to a point. If it works better for you, you can wet it a little, but it's notnecessary. Then slide it on.

Or you could get a thread and make a loop. Put the loop through the bead and hook the wispy tip out your lock through the loop. Then pull it through the bead.

In either case, you want to move the bead around every few days to make sure you don't develop a lump above or below it. If that happened, you might end up having the bead stuck there forever or until you get so sick you decide to break it to get it off. But if you move it around, you wont have that problem

Tara C
05/29/12 10:48:21AM @tara-c:

What they said, clean hair dreads faster. Sleeping and washing are the two most ideal things to cause knots. Go back to the baking soda rinse so you don't undo any progress by messing with your scalp, so that should be fine. Besides that, ten days isn't long. I combed out a few of my dreads a few months ago and there are no knots at all in them lol just sectioned. So yeah, it can be very slow, but worth it :)

05/29/12 10:41:18AM @elizabeth2:

Ahh, I use to wash my hair with BS but then stopped cause I thought it would be better lol
guess I should start that again. How do you place the beads in?

Baba Fats
05/29/12 10:37:46AM @baba-fats:

You need to wash them to knot up. Dirt oil hair won't knot up well. Dreadlocks form in clean happy hair. So you want to wash every 2-3 days. The BS/ ACV wash is gaining more popularity. I just started using it myself a few months ago after 5 years of nothing but Dr, Bronners. I love it now. I can add whatever oils I want to get whatever scent I want out of the wash. People also love the soaps. I've used it a few times and love the smell but had some problem with a strange residue. but I'm the only one here who seems to have had that problem, so It's probably got to due with how fat my locks are.

You need to wash though. you're hair won't knot up if you don't. It'll just get oil and feel gross. When you wash, you don't want to wash your hair itself, either. Just scrub your scalp and let the soap rinse through your hair when you rinse it out.

Not to mention, that you are only on day 10. That's practically nowhere. You won't start seeing much progress for a few more weeks.

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