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dreadlocks shampoo
elizabeth stoute


Location: Vancleave, MS
Zipcode: 39565
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/06/11 09:05:38PM @soaring-eagle:

Hans Miniar Jónsson
06/02/11 11:15:01AM @sandra-moreno:

i rarely see dreads here in oklahoma, yours look great :)

12/27/10 01:53:47PM @jordi-lund:
hey mama great pictures

Johnathan Stephens
08/09/10 01:42:56AM @diane-call:
I know this is wayyyyyy late but thank you very much!!!! =D

07/08/10 12:32:15PM @mir:
Meh. Its pretty hot here. But the ocean is beautiful and the mountains are amazing. You can drive up north and see snow then go west and see the ocean in the same day. But there's a LOT of people here, and it's kinda crowded. The area I live in is not exactly..pretty. I live at the state capital and the streets are littered in cigarette butts and trash. I can't hardly ride my bike without seeing someone get pulled over, or even without getting honked at. Kinda sucks. Haha, What's Oklahoma like?

07/07/10 12:12:46PM @mir:
boo just realized you sent that to jack. bah. i get so cunfussled on this site. D:

07/07/10 11:58:17AM @mir:
nah I don't live in the UK. I'm from California. Where the legal marijane is at. <3

07/06/10 02:53:20PM @graphixfanatic:
Well atm in life im kicking back :) i work with my dad every now and again and im going back to college in september to start again cause i fucked it up the first 2 times round :) lol, the UK is alright i would say its pretty lame here lol. Although there are a healthy amount of stoners here and a fair few dreadlocks to boot :) Well come and live here! just do it pack up and leave. x

07/05/10 05:51:28AM @graphixfanatic:
This song on ure pfofile is fucking wicked !

07/05/10 05:49:29AM @graphixfanatic:
Yeah im sure theres some where i am and OMG ure taste in music is exactly the same as MINE! haha love it! and i have had my dreads for coming up to 11 months i think :) and no thery are not natural they were back combed and waxxed in the begging :) x

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