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The Real Me

By: Elise
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This is my first blog post and I'm not really sure what to write about.Things have been really hectic lately, and I'm stoked about getting my hair done. It reminds me of a few years ago when I had dreadies, but had to take them out for work. It's such a great feeling of freedom, inspiration and spirituality.I've had a writing block for about 2 years now. I used to write short stories, poetry and lyrics. I remember laying in the park with my note pad and pen and words would just come to me. Same with art and drawing, nothing happens when I try now. Hopefully having dreadies again can help me go back to my real self.I have been thinking about my lifestyle heaps lately. I used to be vegetarian, eco and into all things love, but now I find myself just cleaning, working and trying to organise things for the baby. When I found out I was pregnant, I chose to begin eating a bit of meat again, with 3 months left of my pregnancy I'm so over eating dead animals. There is so much guilt. That's one thing that I'm changing very soon.Does any one have any tips to train meat-eating fiances into vegetarians? I love him no matter what, but he's not very healthy and I think it'll be good for him.I never have time or money to do the things I love, I wish I didn't have to clean so much, I have never been with a man as messy as the one I have now :PIt's time I try to make the time and put in the effort to find the real me again.
12/18/11 11:19:44AM @elise:
The strangest thing - I have been offline for so many years - come back to these comments and realise I've pretty much gone full cycle and back in this position I was in before. Unless I actually never made the cycle and am still stuck in the rut...? Lol. Thanks for your comments, they are still relevant so that's fantastic! <3

10/10/09 04:40:52PM @didjeridurian:
If you make meals with a lot of the canned, boxed, and baked foods just make sure you include ALOT of fresh fruits and veggies. Vegan diets can be a disaster if all you eat is starch, soy, and salt and thats what a lot of typical vegan meals are. I'm not saying not to eat that stuff if it helps you get off of meat, but you have to realize that real nutrition is fresh food. Also understand that those processed foods and starches are much higher in calorie per volume. For instance,to equal just one serving of a vegan pasta dish (incl. some type of meat sub) is equal to about 3 pounds of lettuce and 6 zucchinis and 5 tomatoes. Now think about how much more nutrients are coming out of the latter than the former.Focus on health and the cruelty free will naturally follow. If you only focus on vegan you are not guaranteed health.I have needed to coach so many people who went vegan the conventional way, failed for the above reasons, and then assumed that vegan was impossible.Your health is the most important. Go vegan because you love yourself, and everything else will fall into place.Good luck, and let me know if you need any advice.What part of Aus are you from?

Spider Feet
10/10/09 03:18:39AM @spider-feet:
Ahh...well...if you are the one cooking by no means do you have to cook anything with meat. I'm a slob too. XD.....Being messy keeps me organized.

10/09/09 03:12:37PM @faelwynn:
I'm having the same problem trying to get my mate off of meats... as much as we'd love to consume meat like we used to, we're in a different shell now, and we just can't. Plus we just don't eat much meat anymore so I'm hoping that through cooking tons of really tasty meals and he won't even notice that we've gone veggie!

Karma Jane
10/08/09 07:35:05AM @karma-jane:
the best way to wean your boo off of meat is to dready crocker it up and find some good recipes! Sauces are essential! start with using morning star as a meat substitute and then move to stir fries and casseroles.. sheperds pie is really easy.. just throw some beans and rice and canned veggies into a dish and put mashed potatoes on top.. and cheese if you eat it.. share with him how you feel.. seems you are stuck in the right place to me sister!..And I know what you mean about being in a block.. I recently came out of mine.. I was in a relationship that was totally uninspiring and when I left, the words just started flowing again! I think all you need to do is make the positive changes in your life that you already know that you need!!.. Inspire yourself!! :)

10/08/09 07:30:30AM @elise:
No, I backcombed to start them off. I should have said 'beginning dreads' I guess. :PI have tried to make him clean - there's only so much mess I can handle - if I don't do it, unfortunately if I don't do it, it doesn't get done.As for the meat, I have been a vegetarian since I was like 12 or something, so it wont be hard for me to go back - and I even found it difficult to eat it again, I never eat much, but it's there.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/08/09 07:24:27AM @soaring-eagle:
what do you mean by "getting your dreads done"please tell me your not going to a salon to dreeadstop eatting the meat..tell him if he wants to eat meat g=he can..outside the house onlyand make him cleanhes the messy 1 hes the 1 who should clean

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