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My Familes Mountain Paradise In Northern California (did we escape?)

09/15/12 09:57:04PM

Hello everyone, I've made a few trips now back and forth from Idaho to California and have some pictures of the acre we bought on EBAY.

First off let me say it is absolutely beautiful up there. Everything is green and the trees are so massive and abundant. Coming from the desert in southern Idaho this sure seems like paradise to us.

Don't get lost in there! do you see my friend, ha ha Pics so far are from my first trip out there in June of 2012. There's 4 to five times more precipitation here and the woods are much more dense.

265 feet past this gate and on the right is what we got. The gate was already in place and it was a waiting game till the folks up a little higher came down. I happen to be right in the middle of Medical Marijuana growing country and I knew this before I came from Google Earth photos. I didn't want to spook anyone so I just hung out near the road till someone came. Everyone I came across up there was really inquisitive about why I was there until I showed them my papers and proved the property was ours. After that the folks really opened up, gave us a key and we had some great talks about the area and its devotion to Medical Marijuana :) You got to understand most of these co-op gardens are growing for non-profit and there are people out there that will steal other peoples medicine to make a buck. But they are some really great hip folks most of them and we can't wait to be back full time in October.

Dirt work began in July. We went back out there because we found a great deal on Craigslist for a $400 RV that we could use for temporary shelter while we make the land more livable. As I have posted in another section we plan to do some Earth Bag construction on the land as well as many other solar and wind projects. In this photo we got one of our neighbors to scrap some of the vegetation for us as well as make a road into our plot so we could place the RV. Some trees are going to have to come down but I'm not going to take any of the larger giants down. The stuff I'm cutting is like twigs compared to them :)

"We hit water"!!! Is the scream I hear off in the distance from our tractor operator. Wow, so apparently we have water on our land!!!! I haven't been back far enough yet to see if its a spring or a creek but most likely it has to be a spring or seep. On the other side of the property is a road and no creeks go under it, and the folks on top of the hill say there's no running water up there. So now all kinds of great ideas are running though my head. If its a spring and it tests ok all we have to do is tap it and we got free drinking water right there at out finger tips without have to drill a well. And since the property has rises in elevation to the south I can now make a or acquire a holding tank and have a slow solar dc pump move water during the daylight hours to fill for irrigation and other uses (direct solar panel to pump, no battery!). We planned to have a big fruit and vegetable garden so this was great news indeed! We can't wait to get started :)

Here's a good shot of the road that boarders the property. This a little more than half way up. You can see how great some gravity fed irrigation will work. The water source is at the very bottom and you can barley see the road we made in down there. Solar pump it up and gravity feed it back down. Green energy rocks! :)

Here you can see the main road the road we made and our RV trailer. That little tractor and scraper box impressed me with how tuff it was :)

Here's my wife Yen and our son Tyler. I had to lay on the ground to get this shot of them and the giant pine trees.

"This sure is fun daddy" :)

There I am, I almost can't get my ball cap on anymore with how much my dreads have thickened up over the last 2 years. You can see our RV trailer here a little better too, not to shabby for $400 and they delivered :) You see a box of beer in this picture but I don't drink anymore. My tractor driver left them there from the day before, I enjoy the local medicine much more ha ha :)

Here's a few more pics of the pines, ceders, oaks, and madrones.

Lake Oroville is a short drive away, SWIMMING HOLE!!!! ha ha.

Bridge that crosses lake Oroville to the mountains.

Oh and just for fun here's a picture of me and the ocean in Arcata California. Boy it sure is a lot cooler on the northern coast. We went from about mid 90's to mid 50's in under 200 miles lol. Beautiful area though I'll be back to it again very soon :)

So did we escape Babylon? I'd have to honestly answer no, but we did get further from it I believe. We plan to grow all our own vegetables and most of our fruits. We hope to sell or trade what we can't use at the local farmers market. We're going to use solar and wind power once those systems are in place but it all takes time. So until then the power company will be running us a power drop. But we are getting closer! I'll probably do land updates here and once earth bag construction starts I'll post it in the other earth bag discussion. I just wanted to show you guys progress is being made. I'll post some links here where you can look for some cheap land too. I found this acre on Ebay after about 2 years of searching for a total cost of $6200.00 but there is much cheaper land out there. We just had our hearts set on being in the trees. Finding the water was a plus and the guy that sold it to me had no idea it was even there. That's how thick the land is with brush and vegetation. Hope you enjoyed the write up, I enjoyed writing it.


*Coming soon*

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