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~~~Slab City~~~

01/01/11 04:38:10PM


For those of you that hit the road this might be a place of gathering during the colder winter months. Slab City is located in South Eastern California about 3 miles outside the town of Niland. Slab city was once the home of a WWII Marine Barracks named Camp Dunlap but was abandoned. It is now home for many travelers in the winter months with a few full time residents. Slab city has a musical stage, a public library that is ran on the honor system and also has a nice hot spring that has been diverted into a shower box for those who are looking for a little scrubby dubby.

Here are some great pieces of art work at slab city. These are part of a giant creation called salvationmountain. A local resident's lifetime work

Found some Slab City Dreadlocks!

Some of Slab Citys folks Slab City Bonfire

Slab City Hot Ponds, this is what is diverted to the shower box below.

Shower box with ladder to take you down in the hole

Heres that scrubby dubby I was talking about :)

Heres the Slab City Pool, looks like some folks bring their skate boards.

More of the pool

Slab City Library

More of the library.

Inside the library

Slab City music stage

More of the music stage

Some of the local sights

Believe this is the top of Salvation Mountain

Community Board

videos of slab city

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bye bye bye bye babylon i love slab city

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this is slab city

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sslab city ca paradise

Well Folks theres an intro to Slab City. I almost mustered up the courage to hit the road about 8 years ago before I had my family. This was going to be my first destination as it was during the colder months, maybe some of you could make a successful Journey and see the sights and wacky things at Slab City. Please let us know if you make it there!

Other links about Slab City:

Heres a video about Slab City. For those familiar with A-Camp (rainbow family lingo for alcohol camp) this is looking like those sorts of folks hang here. Just use common sense especially if your young or a solo traveling girl.

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