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questions on starting natural dreads

By Earth Child2, 2011-03-15
so i have new back combed dreads at the moment, but i've been reading all this about the natural dreads and how people say they just stopped combing their hair and whatnot. I don't know if its just my hair or what but i've maybe combed my hair half a dozen times in the past two years and don't use any sort of conditioning soap or anything in it for the past year or more, and yet my hair didn't even start to form little dreadies or anything. maybe i wasn't fully allowing it to do its thing? i don't know but i wish it just did its thing and was able to dread on its own, so it would be more how its supposed to be instead of how i want it to be. the ones i have now i back combed and did slight crochet to but now that they're in i'm just going to love them and let them go on their journey without any interference. any ideas on why natural ones didn't occur?
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