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dreadlocks shampoo
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get VICKIS Lockin Up Liquid Shampoo Nag Champa!!!!

By: drezy franklin
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With my normal login, I had come to find out that im this months blog contest winner!! Contest you say? Yes i was the monthly prize winner and offered deadlock shampoo from soaring eagle. Vicki got my contact information and my choice of shampoo was shipped out quickly and neatly packaged. Up into this point I have never had a shampoo just for dreadlocks. Even a few days after using the locking liquid shampoo , my hair looks greats, feels soft, and smell sooooo good! my hair doesnt feel heavy and my scalp isnt dry and itchy. I definitely recommend you folks trying it out, and any other of her products. thank ya

04/14/12 02:10:59AM @ixchel:
Yes! Love the scents of the gel, nag champa & dragons blood shampoos. <3 amazing stuff

drezy franklin
04/13/12 03:51:42PM @drezy-franklin:

@jessica i one hundred percent agree with you!

@britnany im really going to have to try out the gel tank you!

@kat im glad i can help! :)

04/13/12 03:37:22PM @jessica8:
I have the nag champa shampoo and the locking gel, and they are amazing! They smell SOOO good, and the scent lasts for at least a week, and who wouldn't want to always smell like nag champa? Yummmmm

04/13/12 01:57:32PM @princenoobsauce:


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/13/12 01:43:35PM @soaring-eagle:

wait till u try the bars!!!

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