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@dready • 5 months ago
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/24/18 10:02:39PM @soaring-eagle: thats where you add the photo to feature it

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/24/18 09:53:32PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome glad you joinedlove yur daughters dreads but gtta warn you wax is a scam..and a dred killer  i'm amazed they lasted that long

wax b gone is the only way to remove wax from dreds

read up on wax on here cause this site is the reason that well 10 years ago 50% that joined lost 1-6 sets to wax

now its 1 in 400 that make the wax mistake an all catch it early

before wax b gone almost all waxed dreads were cut

I also gotta tell you that retwisting causes traction alopecia in 95%  that retwist..its epidemic in the African community with over 40% getting traction alopecia regardless of hairstyle choices.

kids as young as 8..and 50,000 19 year olds every year need hair transplants

besides a tuiny bit near your hairline I dont see any glaring issues but id need to see a more detailed pic of your scalp

there is never any reasonto retwist, popping is a far safer option

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