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Saved dreads by using Wax b Gone?

8 years ago
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I'd like to hear stories about people who have used Wax B Gone and was able to rescue their babies with it! Here's why: I started my journey 8 months ago. Soem of them are natural, some I used the twist/rip method to make. AFTER I had all of my hair where I wanted it, I was talked into using wax. (I know, I know, I should be slapped) It was against my better judgement, but I did it anyway. I thought that because I didn't use it to make my hair dread, it would easily wash out, not seep into the core of them. But it's there. and it's nasty. Since I started doing bs and acv rinses, it's starting to come to the surface a bit, along with all the crap stuck to it.....not to mention, some of my dreads and VERY hard, not soft and squishy like they should be. I'm investing in the Wax b Gone as soon as i get paid next thursday so I can save my babies! I'm not giving up on them, and refuse to try to comb them out! So if anyone has some wax B Gone success stories to share, I'd love to hear them, it would give me some encouragement and hope! love and Light to you all!

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