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protein treatments for dreads?

11 years ago
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hey my lovely lovelies,
Anyone remember me, i posted often a few months ago. I re attached my dreads, after cutting them off and regretting it- I thought- hey, I've been feeling ugly without them, so I'll go all out- and added in some dread extensions. they looked awesome and i felt great about them, still love having super long hair, but there were a few of those extensions in there that didn't take to the perm well (asian hair extensions from ebay, conditioned to all hell and dyed before i got them), and came out almost gelatinous after the perm- it's known as 'mushy hair' in the salon world, they seem fine but when wet the hair is just stretchy and not healthy! I have read about conditioning and protein treatments for normal hair, but does anyone know of a protein treatment for dreads? I'd like to give it a go to see if it'll help those few extensions before I just take them out.
(it's only like 3 of the extensions that didn't like the perm so no biggie, that's just mean 3 slightly shorter locs if i took the extensions out of them)

ps- please don't give me shit over the perm. I am all for natural dreads, and hate the idea of perms but thought i'd give it a go with extensions as there's not alot to loose cause i can always cut them out. my own dreads are natural and healthy.

thanks, my sexy dreaded people!

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the Barrellady
11 years ago
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Sorry, I am a little confused as to how those sections are since you permed. Are they over-conditioned? If they are over-conditioned, do you not think maybe just using an anti-residue shampoo would help instead of adding a protein wash? . Since I am not sure, please go to the members tab at the top of the page, click on that, now you will see little white headings, click on hair scalp health experts. Contact Panterra or or any of the other three members to see if this will work for you or if they have a better idea what to use.

Here is part of a posting by Soaring Eagle, for a nourishing conditioning to help strengthen them .. 2-3 cups of warm water with a dropper full of jojoba, a tablespoon of aloe gel 2 capful or 1/8 teaspoon (ish) vitamin e oil (it might be li ]l heavy if so after 24-48 hours use the anti residue to remove any excess

I am sure one of the other specialists can help you better, good luck


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