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(Baby Dreads) Is there such thing as too much sectioning?

5 years ago
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Ok, so I'm now almost 4 months in to my journey, started with T&R but pretty much all came undone, so I'm considering myself a natural/neglect method dreader. My question is, is there such thing as too much sectioning? After the shower, I tip my head from one side to the other, looking in the mirror for clear sections, then I gently follow each one up to the root to make sure there is no 'congoing' attempts going on. Sometimes I'll find some stray strands that want to join another section, but I force them apart, when I do so I feel like I'm setting the main section back by disturbing it, because sometimes more of the main section kinda get pulled away with the strays. (When I say stray I'm talking about mini sections, not just a random hair or two).

Would it maybe be better to leave my sections be for a few weeks, then go in and section them once things are a little more established? I know it's more work separating the more mature they get, but I just feel like I'm not giving my hair a chance to get situated. I only separate when I was my hair, so this only happens once every 2-3 days, but I still feel like it's hindering the process.


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Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
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i dont separate mine until i really have to.. i rather wait, let them get more prominent and then let the sections develop themselves properly n then separate the ones that try to combine. so this happens after like 4-5 washes. if ur hair is such that its knotting up too quickly and forming 1 big ball of matted hair then u better separate more often. some need to separate even as often as everyday. some (like me) can wait for a week or two. but first make out for urself whether u separate out of anxiety of not wanting fat dreads or do u separate because they actually are combining. unnecessary separation can actually prevent progress cos all ur doing is pulling them 1 step backwards each time. good luck. happy dreading. peace :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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he put it perfectly

most dont have to very often and u know when you do

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Cody Harder
4 years ago
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I love this site more everyday! I, too, think I fall into the "separation anxiety" camp. I'm doing my best to just leave my hair alone, espeshly since I'm just in the first week LOL! It's not super helpful when some people I know who have had neglect dreads in the past (and never separated) tell me horror stories of massive, painful congos. Well, they /never/ separated - at all - so, that's a little different than separating every once in awhile haha.

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