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5 years ago
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I work in IT as a QA Analyst for a large medical supply company. When I started dreading, no one was surprised, and you know, no one really cared.

I would hope that in this day and age, more and more employers are really starting to see that putting people in a 'suit and haircut' doesn't always make them 'productive' or 'good' employees.

We still have a corporate dress policy, but it is very relaxed. Most of the time it is supposed to be business casual, but most of us wear denim. I tend to dress up when we have suits or upper management in town, or if we're meeting with consultants etc: I have yet to experience anyone saying anything to me about my job performance related to my dreads. I could have seen this happening had I continued to try and dread the DHHQ way though ;) According to them, the work I was supposed to put into my dreads would have been a full time second job!!

Before I started the dread journey, I didn't look at the corporate policy until after I was well on my way. It says nothing about dreadlocks (or piercings or tattoos), it just says that we need to be clean. Most people who have asked me about my dreads, have asked if I am blogging to show the time line (no) or if they can touch them (yes) or if I am rasta (no)

I don't see them getting in the way of anything unless someone has a stick up their behind, which in some cases, there are probably some people out there who do, but most employers I know, are aware that hair style does not reflect capability in any sense.

5 years ago
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I'm the Store Manager of a Subway SandwichRestaurant. They don't really mind what you look like as long as you are at least a bit well kept and do you're job well. ;P

Moon Child
4 years ago
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I was flat out denied being able to dread because it would hurt the business image.

1. I am never in the office.

2. Customers do not come back where I work.

3. This place RARELY ever has famous customers

4. So shove it.

OH! and as for discrimination, every where my mom applies she gets denied a job because she is deaf. One of the employees of Wal-Mart, scoffed behind her back and called her a stupid deaf, also said there was no chance. My grandmother was with her and heard it all because that idiot thought they we're both deaf. This is one of the many reasons I can barely stand the general population.

4 years ago
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I am a certified veterinary technician at the local humane society in Boulder, CO area. I feel lucky that I am starting my dread journey in the Boulder area because there are a LOT of dreads here. I asked the HR if there were any restrictions in regards to hair styles- she said no. That's all I've said to them :):) 4 months in & I'm still fairly certain they have no idea. Muwhahaha.

4 years ago
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I'm an accounting analyst at a fairly large corp. I had been there for 3 years or so before I started my tnr dreads a few years back. I only spoke with my boss about it and she was good with it. I have since taken out my dreads and am going the natural route and all appears to be good. However I would not put it past the higher ups and the owner to toss me based upon my appearance while saying it's something else like performance. I don't have a spiritual or religious reason for having or wanting dreads. I'm an atheist who just doesn't feel like combing my hair.
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