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8 years ago
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I currently work at a Kroger gas station. Got the job 3 years ago. Decided to start naturally locking 10 months ago.. people notice by now, employees notice by now. Honestly, I get mostly nice comments. What is weird is that the Managers have not said ANYTHING at all. Very strange. It clearly says in the work manual that "hair must be clean and combed" b,t also "we do no discriminate against sexuality, spirituality, age..etc"

Honestly, I'm looking forward to the day that they ask..(if im still working there)

After court issues, i may work on a farm or go to school for physical therapy..

8 years ago
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I had the fear of being discriminated against if i got dreads, but once i was discriminated against without dreads, i figured it wouldn't make a difference either way. I am in the human services field. So, just went to a job interview and was given an offer even higher (with brand new dreads) than the job which had discriminated against me. If they discriminate you for having dreads, why would you even want to be there anyway?
8 years ago
22 posts
Yay I dont work! It seems here in America thats a growing trend, hmmm... ~I wonder why?? LOLSo ya, I'm a college student studying plant & soil sciences so I don't get much discrimination. It's funny because I thought I would since so many of my classmates are of the rural Texan persuasion that drive tractors, wear muddy work boots, and raise cattle, but those guys love a pretty female natty dread! I guess its cause I can still talk to them about eating rattlesnake & hunting hogs. Its nice to prove to people how far off their ideas of a person can be & how even though we look totally different we can still love and agree on some of the same things!
8 years ago
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I've been working at small local restaurants and bars around Hawaii and haven't had any problems with my hair. Dreadlocked or long and bushy(before the dreads). Although I think it helped that majority of my bosses have some hippie blood in them lol.

Mark Fry
8 years ago
39 posts
I'm a Equities Executive trading global financial markets for a US Investment company. I started work without the dreadlocks but I had the full support of my colleagues when I decided to start the wonderful dread journey. I guess I make them too much money to worry about the hair on my head haha
Evelyn Maes
8 years ago
30 posts

I'm a desktop publisher. I work there for 4 years now and got dreads 5months ago, they didn't say anything actually. In a month i'll be a student again but i guess in my future career dreads won't be a problem because i'll be working with animals.

Torie Shea
8 years ago
52 posts
I don't have a high paying job or anything, but I didn't go to college. I work at this really cool sub shop...its pretty artsy for an atmosphere. On the side I sell dreamcatchers at my friends headshop, for rent we work on a farm with lambs, horses, donkeys, dogs and other farm maintenance.
Cora Walborn
8 years ago
20 posts
During the day, I am dedicated stay at home mom. At night, paper throwing momma! I work a paper route for the local newspaper :) it is a very un-uniform job. Let's me be me ;)
8 years ago
49 posts
I'm in the creative field. Freelance artist. I work for a weekly newspaper based in New York, accept some printing jobs,into wedding photography.
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Heathen Hippie )O(
8 years ago
164 posts

I am very new to the dreading process and except for just a few TnR'ed sections and like 1 backcombed section I couldn't untangle, I'm going au naturale. haha.

I work in supported living, assisting individuals with developmental disabilities. There are many clients but I currently work with two; one is a non-verbal [well she makes sounds but not English] young teenager with cerebral palsy, asthma, hydrocephalus, grand mal seizures, and Rhett's syndrome. She's a blast to work with, I love her! She's very easy to work with because of her mental capacity it's like working with my child, and she has the BIGGEST smile ever! So far nobody has said anything about my hair, except the client's uncle who asked his sister if I was sick and why I haven't been combing it. lol.

I would love, love, love to be both a certified professional midwife [CPM] and a birth doula. :D

Other than that I am a mother and a home maker, and I love that, too!

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