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Why i have hair that i have and why i do what i do.

8 years ago
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Hi, i really don't know how long this will be, so I'm sorry if it's too long. :)

My name is Paul, i use Pau because Paul sounds silly to me and everyone calls me Pavel

I think i should start with bit of my background as i think that most important thing that people have is what they did and had been done to them, as it creates their personalities. I'm 21-ish (i think, i stopped counting some time ago) guy form Czech Republic, in elementary school i didn't had any friends and i was bullied quite a lot so i became pretty antisocial as years gone by. In high school i met guy named Thomas and we started talking, we talked about everything, one time I remember we were walking for like 8 hours around city and just talking about stuff. I started getting more social, and i started meeting his friends and around two years ago i started hanging out with them all the time. They showed me that everything is not so bad as it seems, they showed me that this world is most beautiful place you can imagine if you just wish it to be like that. I dropped out of college and started doing carpentry and it was best decision i made about school. So from guy who hated everyone just because they were i became guy who loves everyone no matter who they are.

Now let's go to explaining why i decided I should look like the way i look now. Photo i uploaded is from New Year's Eve 2012/13. For my whole childhood i had long really long hair, but my hair was so thin that they broke on every occasion so eventually i shaved my head clean. Now i have this mohawk and I want dreads on back part of hawk, I already started but it didn't go very well (did some hooking and backcombing). My vision of how i want my hair to look like is to have my mohawk and let back of my head rest and then dread naturally by themselves. I had made promise to myself that i will never in my life cut hair on back of my head. Now it's gonna be just waiting for my hair to "dread up".

For me dreads are final phase of creating ultimate image of myself. Now i shave half of my head as reminder that i have physical form and everything has physical form of some sort and you should take care of your and everyone's else form. What i want my dreads to symbolize is my link to spirituality (I'm not christian or atheist,... - if i summarize my beliefs it would be something like techno-magick gnosticism) as i perceive dreads as way of letting go of any material substance and focusing on your mind and soul.

I will end with my motto: "Life have no price whatsoever, only price you can attach to it is price of potential that you create by every action you make."

Thanks for reading.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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thnx for posting

a year from now u will want to let it all grow and dread tho]

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
8 years ago
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We will see, maybe i will get full dreadhawk in time. :) But as for my sides, i will shave them as long as i have something to shave.

8 years ago
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Cool! Are you going to go with the neglect method?

8 years ago
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You don't know your age?..Hmm..

Anyway, dread on.

8 years ago
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Paul: yeah I'm going with the neglecting method now :)

Kelly: I know i sounds strange but after you get legally mature it's just a number.

the Barrellady
8 years ago
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gotta say, dread mohawks are wicked, different and personal. I am glad that you were able to meet a buddy and went for that long walk, sounds like it was the beginning of a turning point in your life. School kids are cruel, very cruel and sometimes a person can't shake the experience of it. It certainly sounds like you have and I applaud you. I applaud you for being able to see the beauty in the world instead of the harshness. We are all better people for that. I wish you all the best for what your future holds for you....Peace

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