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Mikhail Ceballo
8 years ago
20 posts
I'm going on three months of neglect now. I haven't brushed, combed, finger brushed, or anything at all, just washing with vickis liquid shampoo and neglecting. However, I'm yet to have a single knot or section form yet. Im just wondering if its normal to take this long, especially considering my hair is relatively short compared to most people dreading, or if its that I'm doing something wrong during washing or something like that. When i wash i just lather into my hands and use my finger tips to scrub my scalp and i always air dry. I'm really hoping to do this totally naturally but since my accident caused me to lose my job I'm now running out of funds and looking for a new one.. and potential employers haven't been digging the natural process. So I'm also wondering if its worth it to give it a twist and rip maybe and then just leave it. I imagine its easier to get a job with hair that already resembles dreads than hair that is just messy and knotting. But please tell me if anyone has found that to be not true lol, as I'm seeking advice on wether or not to twist and rip also.
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the Barrellady
8 years ago
1,302 posts

Some people just dread slower, you are doing everything right. Doing twist & rip will only set you back in time again. They don't stay how they are when first made, they loosen and sometimes many fall completely out. Stay with the neglect method..I did T&R and wished I was patient to wait for neglect, my hair would have dreaded faster that way. lxchel & Baba Fats also had a slow journey, check out their timelines. Some dread so quickly, some so slowly, but you will dread. I am over 14 months and mine are not full mature yet, but then I did T&R. So hang tight, you are on the right track with everything you do, you have nothing but time and time will reward you with awesome, healthy dreads....

You can twist & rip but they won't stay looking like that at all, if you do, go twist, rip rip rip, twist rip rip rip rip, twist rip rip rip and so on...If you go twist, rip twist rip twist rip, you will have a braided look that will stay for a few months. Don't twist right up to the scalp, the roots need room to move around. Don't do them tightly or they will not loosen correctly in order to journey into mature dreads.

Good luck on your job hunt, it is hard out there for anyone. Let your personality shine through and have a great friendly smile on your face when handing in resumes, asking if there is an opening will find one....Peace

Baba Fats
8 years ago
2,702 posts

I was about to say pretty much the same thing Barrellady said, so listen to her. TnR will look like locks for only a few days, or until you wash them. Then they will be messy and untangled again. So it's better to just not. Plus, if you reTnR them for every interview, it delays the process. You can wear a tam to your interviews. A plain black one is the most professional.

How long is your hair, by the way? If it's long enough to pull back, you can do that for an interview. But shorter hair hjust tends to lock up a bit slower. So give it time to grow out and section itself better

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