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Siri Nam Simran Kaur
8 years ago
20 posts

Hey guys,

so I'm really into tying, twisting and knotting my dreads. Can anyone suggest different ways of tying, knotting, twisting or wrapping dreads? Do you have any pic's of your dreads tied up? (When I refer to tying etc. I mean without any hair ties, simply dread to dread action :-))


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8 years ago
833 posts

I tie my dreads all the time. I usually take 2 from each side (from behind my ears) and tie them together in the back. It keeps the hair out of my face and out of my way. It also holds down unruly short baby dreads when they want to stick out. If I really need them back I will pull the 2 from each side..tie them ...then grab 2 more from each side (nape of neck) and tie them. I pull it back like that when i am cleaning thetoilet or planting flowers or cooking over the keep them clean and safe.

the Barrellady
8 years ago
1,302 posts

Mine are not long enough yet to tie dread to dread, but I do use a shoelace tied loosely, the texture of the shoelace keep it in place. I also use a rope necklace with a pendant on it, just wrap around dreads and slip the pendant through, that keeps it place...Peace

Can't wait till I can tie them with my own locks

Laura Earle
8 years ago
233 posts

Was so excited the first time I was able to do this!

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