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I'm nervous about starting my journey again.

8 years ago
30 posts

I'm about 10 days short of 3 months into my first go at the "dread journey". I started with twist and rip, like you hoping to skip a few stages and to have something a little more dread-looking to start with..but after my first washing half of the sections came out, and they've continued to come out. I think I have maybe 4 or 5 sections left and I started with 20 something...It could be my hair type, it could be the person didn't T&R right - but I just want to give you a heads up, that in my experience after the first washing you tend to lose a lot of ground. Maybe your hair will be more cooperative.

One piece of advice I'd give to you from one dread-noobie to another is don't tell a lot of people you are getting dreads on a certain day, because most people have no idea how long it really takes, they expect you to come in the next day looking like Bob Marley and you get bombarded with questions like "I thought you were getting dreads??" - it just seems easier to follow the method you prefer on the down low.

Good luck with whatever you choose, and don't worry about pleasing anyone but yourself.

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8 years ago
170 posts

Hehe, with all advice given, I hope that whatever you choose, that it goes great for you. :D Much love and peace <3

OliviaJonas Aley
8 years ago
30 posts

Here's something awesome about starting them now: By the time you are 20...maybe everyone your age will think that dreadlocks are cool, or they may even become interested in them. You will have really beautiful mature, long, established dreads that they will all wish they had!

Karina Arroyo
8 years ago
6 posts

I'm currently in high school and i did the twist n rip method. You WILL get lots of attention in school.many people stare at me and ask how i made them, or touch em. My friends love it and many people think they look awesome, even teachers o:

the reaction from others will vary, girls tell me they wouldn't be able to stand it. I get offended a few times, and get asked about dread rumors, its so annoying but just ignore that :) as long as you like em :D

Oh and i miss my hair too /: but oh well, i want dreads n.n

jesse demato
8 years ago
23 posts
I imagine what my hair would look like if I got to start my journey that young. I'm 30 now. I'm actually jealous. she got so much good advice she shouldn't have any problem getting through her messy stage. some real good people on this site
Dine' Candy
8 years ago
5 posts

If people judge you because of your hair, their idiots. Besides it weeds off the jerks :) <3

8 years ago
393 posts

My dreadlocks were started with twist and rip. However they still developed further through neglect/patience.

Having a set started after the school year ends will be better for you than starting a set at the beginning of the school year.

Baba Fats said it once already so don't worry about the people you don't already know. Meeting new people gives you the chance to be yourself with more people that won't expect you to act or be a certain way.

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