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dreadlocks and how they change you

christina popejoy
5 years ago
93 posts

Thankyou so so mych for sharing this tyler! For the last 24 hours I have seriously been debating turning back on this 11month journey of my own. I guess i'm a little afraid now as im noticing real changes and my locks are begining to get tight and shrink up. I too believe this process of abandonment from cultural conformity and the ability to commit is something I want to achieve.

I woke up this morning still un decided. I didn't feel at peace about combing (and i realised i threw all mine away!) so i hopped in the shower to wash my dreads, feeling each one, and i realised i love them, and would regret it now if i did. I'm not done with this journey and still have much to learn. I hope i can write something like your story one day. whether i keep them or part ways with them one day.

Anyway thanks,


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5 years ago
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I hope you kept them.. i cut mine for the same reasons, a horrible past and as a marker for a fresh start (plus family not shutting up about them) but then regretted it, 6 months later i've re attached them. they are an older journey, but they represent everything that has shaped me into who i am today so I can't be without them. hope you kept them! just in case!

tyler rakowski
5 years ago
19 posts

yeah im going to burn them ritually ginger :) they are in my dresser in a bag waiting for winter to pass here inPennsylvania.

ginger said:

Beautiful. May I ask what you did with them? For me, they would need ritual of some sort; but maybe you chose a different route?
The Hippie Circle
5 years ago
34 posts
Thank you for this.... xoxoxo
BC Aotearoa
5 years ago
5 posts

Cool man...... I liked this yarn, my first set of dreads i cut off because i was drunk and didn't like the constant attention of being "that guy with dreads" man oh man that was a bad day after!!!!! second set i cut off because i thought i needed to do it to get a job.... (i know another great reason aye)..... I guess iwasn'tready for thejourneyat that stage... now it seems i am, i have made peace with me and now they can grow with me!!! i get asked all the time if i would cut this lot off and to be honest yeah i would in a second if it was time to do it...... you summed it up nicely and in doing so i am sure you will strengthen the resolve of others to look to themselves and do what they need to do.............. Ka mate te kainga tahi, ka ora te kainga rua...... (As one house dies a second house lives, a maori proverb about the newbeginnings) Kai Kaha e hoa (Keep strong myfriend)

Ethon O'Brien
5 years ago
40 posts

man i know how you feel. everyone tells me i need to cut em off for a job. i dont think i need to though. they look pretty presentable tied back. about the first one, thats a horrible story haha, glad i dont drink thatd be so terrible. i dont mind the attention of being "that guy with dreads" myself. i consider them part of who i am now

Ashley :)
5 years ago
3 posts

That was absolutely beautiful...That made my night reading that :) Thank you so much for sharing that :)

Gemma Williams
5 years ago
8 posts

I enjoyed reading this as someone who is just starting their dreadlock journey, thank you for sharing, peace always ;-))

5 years ago
19 posts
well said, that made me smile.peace to you:)
Joshua Perez
5 years ago
11 posts

I know what you are talkn about. My dreads has been growong more into a shield for me. Warding off evil. Its true what you say you grow with them. Just dont ever lose that. I started growing these as a symbol of survival. I went into a coma and almost died. But I didnt. These dreads will not die. It pulls me closer to mama and that is good.

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