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!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,526 posts

as much as it takes

ok ive seen some rare few dread overnight

just hours

many days but not tyl=pical

about 10% in a week or 2

vast majourity a month or 3

very few a year

its really not far off from any other methi[od

since if u tnr the 1st month or 3 it loosens and falls apart then dreads

using a startwrer method just gives u instant gratification that makes u think u helped speed it up


heres the cxatch

u have a completely diferent xperience

heres a backcombers:

day 1 yay i have dreads they look goofy sticking out all over but i have dreads..yay

day 2 omg help its a disaster theres loose hair they are getting loosert and messy help

day 3 help it rained i got them wet do i ne3ed to start over

day 4 theree so messy i want to chop them off

week 2 ive been afraid to wash them but they itch so bad sdo i need to wash with a stocking over nmy ghead

month 2 this si]ucks they are gettig looser and looser i thought theyd be4 mature by now should i use wax or glue to hold them together bettter?

month 4 wtf is this i got a loop sticking out do i need to chiop it off are my dreads ruined do i need to start over help

the nartural experience

day 1 wow i love this its so freeing not much to report yet but i lob=ve how i feel

day 2 this is exciting its a lil messy and already see some sectioning

day 3 just washed them some ecr=tions are gone others remained but i know its all part of the proces im not worrid

day 4 the sections i thought were lost are back! yay

day 5 i found a tangle it looks whimpl]y but its there ..oh how exciting

day 6 ppl are telling me they love my haior more andd more everg-=hyy dat=y found more tangls today too

day 7 ..1 week mark ive never felt so ood about anything in my life this is the best desicion i ever made

day 10 i found a loop..alreasdy its so cure i named it charlie

day 15 lots more loops forming its so wild had to seperate for 1st time today

day 20 some dreads are starting to get tighter and shrinking while still have alot of loose hairs i love how it looks

Etc etc

iu see its a more relaxed just let it happen exp[erience while force starting involves pannic on a daily basis over things that are normal and to the natural dreader..exciting signs of progress

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international

updated by @soaring-eagle: 07/19/15 07:04:49AM
5 years ago
11 posts

natural, natural, natural. :-) your hair will thank you.

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