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My hair deserves an award (because I have commitment issues)

Michelle Bueno
4 years ago
8 posts
You are such a beautiful person inside and out. You are truly an inspiration.
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4 years ago
122 posts
Congratulations! You are a very beautiful woman and your locks turned out great. I'd love to see a new picture of your daughter (what's her name?). I completely understand your relationship problems after having your daughter, I had them as well. We were separated before my daughter's first birthday. Having a baby definitely takes a toll on your mind (no sleep) and body, I had a c section too and it ended up very infected. I hope everything worked out for as you wanted it to...either with him or without, whatever makes you happy. Me and my husband ended up back together. Sometimes time is all you need. Great blog! Take care!!
4 years ago
200 posts

I absolutely love you and this timeline! Probably the most inspiring timeline I've come across. You are such a fantastic individual and I am much more looking forward to the months to come after reading this :) Congrats on the baby girl! I understand completely about all of that (I have two little boys), I miss sleep.. so darn much. You're beautiful and dreadlocks definitely suit you perfectly! Much love <3

4 years ago
2 posts
Such a wonderful timeline that can be applied to anything in life. Your dreads are beautiful! Having a baby can take a toll on every relationship you have in life, friends, family and especially a romantic relationship! I dont think I could could express any better then you have! Peace and love to your beautiful dreads and beautiful baby girl!
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