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to dread or not to dread, that is the question, things to concider before taking the plunge

8 years ago
81 posts
This wasn't a hard choice for me because it was something I had always been interested in doing. I consider myself to be very feminine and I have just always thought that dreads on a woman is sexy and beautiful. I guess at 32 I am just ready to have my outward appearance reflect the way I feel inside.With my husband, I think part of his reluctance to agree to my choice in the beginning was partly out of professional reasons. I am a stay home mommy, but he works in a white collar profession and we do have to attend formal events from time to time. Our life outside of his career is a drastic contrast so to me I really don't give a damn what his work colleagues think of me or our lifestyle choices. But I do want to be respectful of my husband. I have to say though that I am really looking forward to the next formal event so that I can hold my head up and show everyone that beauty and elegance can come come in all kinds of packages :)As for my family, they live 900 miles away and I have decided I probably won't even mention it until I see them at Christmas. I expect some flack but I am hoping that most people will respect the fact that this is my choice and no one else's.
8 years ago
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This is an awesome description. This dude has his head on straight for sure. Props!!
7 years ago
30 posts
Number 7 is exactly why I am doing this. I feel dread locks will change me for the better!
Panterra Caraway
7 years ago
665 posts
I have never been patient...butI have always been "out of the box". I was surprised, when a couple of my friends said, "Panterra, of all people..YOU were born to have dreads!" I didn't expect that. When I asked them why, they said that I seemed to always follow my own inner voice. I guess we rarely see ourselves as others do. All I knew is that my hair had become a major part of my life, it had taken over who I was. Perfect hair represented me and being a hairdresser...well, I felt obligated to uphold some image that I suppose was in my head. Besides all that...I needed to "find" me again. I had somehow lost that vibration of my true, authentic self. So, I let go of some notion and just said "here I am". It feels real good too.
6 years ago
44 posts

I don't feel like I've ever had any deeper connection to my dreads.. probably that's why I have always opened them. :(

6 years ago
8 posts

I hate hearing "You used to be so beautiful", "You would be so pretty IF..." all regarding my dreadlocks. It comes mainly from my family, which is hard to deal with. I wish I had the audacity to tell them that they would be beautiful if they didn't have such condescending and judgmental views, especially regarding MY aesthetics.

If anything, my dreads make me feel prettier than when I didn't have them. I don't have to do anything with my hair, they can be all over the place crazy and I still look at the mirror and love them.

I don't think my hair has ever been healthier. I enjoy not having to detangle it to fit in with "normal" female society, or flat iron it, or fill it full of silicone products. I pay attention to what I put in my dreads, and that it a change I am happy with. I'm becoming interested in learning how to make my own shampoos and soaps.

lexlex :D
5 years ago
6 posts

number 7 has really affected me after i started them.

Moon Child
4 years ago
51 posts

I'm sorry to sound basic but there is just no other way to describe this besides perfet

Didjeridurian said:

My mom is great. We didn't always get along so well mostly because of my anti-authoritarian nature and y father being an ex-cop.
I pretty much let them know a long time ago that they could either take me for who I was or they wouldn't see me around.
For a long time they had to watch me be a junkie and our relationship was obviously a mess. When I found myself and became healthy and started being responsible and helping others, they started to understand me and all my choices. They see how happy I am in my life and they don't have to worry about me.
Now they support me and they don't care about stupid superficial things like hair or clothes.
I think parents who seem to be closed minded and controlling are very afraid. The media puts fear into the public and tries to create this sheepism we see everywhere. The parents think it is safest to fit in to what is acceptable.
In my experience, if you can show them that you can take care of yourself while being your own person they tend to forget about the nonsense stuff. On the other hand, if you are living at home, cant hold a job, not taking care of yourself, you will only feed their fear. Then they will push you harder and harder to conform so, in their eyes, you won't end up in a really bad situation.
This whole society is based on fear. Even the "green movement" and NRDC and the "liberal" democrats, and the animal rights people, are pushing fear and negativity to get what they want. We need posotive examples and joyful individuals to change things or else things will always be the same.
If you want people to accept you for who you are you have got to take the responsibility to show that you can stand on your own feet and be happy with your own choices.

soaringeagle said:
mothers...they gotta constantly nag and find fault
its annoring but u learn to tune it out or learn to laugh at it
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