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Sailing/ocean/shampoo question

Kelsey Cliche!
6 years ago
122 posts
Hi all!I will be living on a sailboat for a week. Here in Iowa I've been using a trader joes tea tree shampoo/ACV since it works best with my water. Should I bring this along, or use something else? We have access to fresh water for showering, but it'd be water stored in the boat. Also, should I rinse my dreads after swimming in the ocean, or let them dry without rinsing the sea water out? Thanks!
updated by @kelsey-cliche: 01/13/15 09:40:54PM
6 years ago
334 posts

You need to rinse out the salt water your it will cause itches. Personally, I'd bring a bottle of BS and another of ACV mix. That would get me through a week, but whatever works for you.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,526 posts

rinse after and id take bronners but even bronners taes years to biodegrade in water ..much faster in dirt so you arent going to wantto wash then rinse and have therinse go into the water...

bronners is the most biodegradable ..or..better yet baking soda acv

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Kelsey Cliche!
6 years ago
122 posts

Thanks everyone! What type of shampoo was going to be my follow up question. I agree, I don't want to use anything that will runoff and be harmful to the ocean. I'm not sure if I can take BS/ACV in my carry on or not...I could just see some idiot confiscating it. haha

6 years ago
1,291 posts

maybe something like this

Aksana Kirton
5 years ago
1 posts
I'm planning on buying a liveaboard sailboat, and living on it for the rest of my life while I travel. I would need to be completely self sufficient, and there will be no power to waste on hair dryers, and no water to waste on an unscheduled hair washes. However, I love swimming and diving, and do such to fish or find shellfish(one of the reasons I'm so excited for it, diving for your supper, lol), so I'm pretty much in the ocean or rivers everyday now, and I want to keep it that way when I get my hair locked, and for on my sailboat.
How do I keep my locs from getting dreadrot?! As well as just how do I keep them nice in general on a liveaboard, and swimming constantly?(going to put them in with backcombing)
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