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My Natural Dreads timeline starting with LONG hair- Updated for almost one year of dreading

Alicia S
5 years ago
33 posts

They seem really fat in the picture, but they aren't to thick in real life. They aren't pencil thin, but they aren't huge either. They start out really flat and wavy, which makes them look really fat in the photo, but the tops that are rounded are about 1/2" Only time will tell I suppose. They will be what they will be. :)

jazzymomma said:

wow awesome they r going be unique an fattys hehe cool hun happy continued journey ...mine r thick too :) peace b with u

updated by @alicia-s: 07/16/15 10:49:15PM
5 years ago
58 posts
Wow your hair was long. We forgot to measure Mr spiveys hair before the process and you are definitely right, the sectioning for long hair can be brutal. Mine wasn't even that long and it knotted up so fast. Whenever someone asks why I did it, if I wanna give the short answer I say "I had to fight the knots everyday and what's the point of having pretty straight hair if you can't wear it down without having it knot up? I let it do what it wants now". your hair has a lot of character, that's really cool.
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