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5 years ago
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Take the rubber bands out they're bad news. I listened to other people and put them in too. I only had em in a couple of weeks and they start to melt into your hair. I had to have my kids cut them out because they got so entangled in there. Everybody says you can twist n rip to start sections but that comes out too. I'd go natural and just wait it out. I wish I had... Good Luck!!

Michelle Malone said:

Idk what to do!! I'm doing my dreads for the second time around. After shaving myself bald a year ago, I grew a Afro and let my best friend talk me into letting her put a texturizing kit on it. It came out uneven. Now I'm trying to dread this mess. I recently sectioned it off and rubber band it to get it to start coming together. But Idk. I may have to shave my head again or wait until this grows out. Any suggestions anyone??? :-(

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Tara C
5 years ago
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Don't bother with the rubber bands for the reasons stated in the comment above mine. No need to shave your hair off either, in my opinion. Just section your hair and twist them (just the one time) and then let them do their thing. OR just leave your hair alone except to wash, and then let the dreads form.

Michelle Malone
5 years ago
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Thanks so much guys! I'm spending the rest of the day removing the rubber bands and I am just going to continue to take your advice and do this the natural way and have patience. Thanks again!!!! :-)
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