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me and my dreads

8 years ago
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hello everyone! dont really like long introductions so ill try to keep this short. im a very spiritual aspiring musician. ive wanted dreads since i was in 7th grade, but parents wouldnt let me have them.

going through some problems in my life, i decided to go on a vision quest. without food and water for two days, i ran through some woods nearby until i collapsed. long story short in my vision i saw myself with dreads almost down to my ass, looking back at the remains of a burning city i took to be the negative influences in my life. i made the mistake of getting them put in, since most information on the internet says you have to do a bunch of maintenance to them. did not last long. they were backcombed and waxed, and after about 4 months were so filled with dirt and lint that would not come out so i just decided to basically rip them out. before i ripped them out a friend showed me this site and i talked with soaring eagle. so when my hair grew back i took his advice and now have around 3 1/2 month old natural dreads. they feel much cleaner and stronger than my old ones, and i couldnt be happier with them (even through this frustrating nappy headed phase.) so thats a bit about me and my babies!

ps. thank you soaring eagle!

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8 years ago
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This is such an inspiring story you have. The vision you saw sounds intense!! Post some pictures of your dread!!! I agree though, SE is freakin' awesome!!

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