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Kayla Jensen
8 years ago
21 posts

do you take your beads out or leave them in? like when showering and sleeping... my friend was at a garage sale and found a bunch of cool glass beads shes bringing over for me. im going to boil them before putting them in because i dont wanna get nastys in my hair just in case :) im just curious what everyone does with there beads..

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8 years ago
1,291 posts

most people remove them so that their dreads can dry completely after a washing. i wouldn't boil the glass beads though. they might shatter. just a good soap and water and maybe a wiping with a little rubbing alcohol should clean them right up.

Tied up in knots
8 years ago
202 posts
Apparently I like to keep my doodads in my hair until they get permanently stuck in my dreads. I just don't keep in anything that is longer than half an inch.
Piawacket neurotic helms
8 years ago
1 posts

I have close to 40beads that I leave in, they are loose enough that I slide them up and down. So they are not constantly in one spot. Every few months I change them out, switching to new beads or bigger sizesand/or to other dreads.When sleepingI generally have my locks above my head, or in a pony tail, so the beads don't make sleep uncomfortable. I don't too much like to sleep with a wrap, but occasionaly I will and with all my locks together it leaves enough cushionI rarely feel the beads. Best way to clean the beads would be to soak them in alcohol.

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