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Getting Your Dreads Dry

Kayla Jensen
8 years ago
21 posts

how do you guys get/make sure all your dreads are dry? do you just let them air dry and not worry about it or what?

updated by @kayla-jensen: 01/13/15 09:30:54PM
8 years ago
18 posts
Hi Kayla, I like to wash my hair first thing in the morning and once I,ve squished out the excess water in the shower I wrap it up turban stylyin a bath towel, after about 15 mins I put a fresh towel on and leave for another 15, then I just let my babies loose to air dry for the rest of the day. It's winter here at the mo so if I can't get out in the sun during the day I sometimes give em a bit of a blast with with the hair dryer on cold for a few minutes. And vuala! fluffy dry dreads :)
8 years ago
198 posts

I shower whenever I feel like it lol. I literally step out of the shower with dripping wet hair, throw a towel on my shoulders, and let my head air dry.

Andrea Rosario
8 years ago
8 posts

Im a fan of the head banging method, I do it on my man, my dogand my kid. I like to share.

Britany said:

wash in the AM, air dry, never leave a towel on them, head bang to throw water out of them or squeeze it out, i read that blunt ends hold more water, blow dry them if you need to but there will be heat damageinvolved.

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