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Curly dreads timeline

4 years ago
1 posts
They are awesome! Wish i had curls like that and then dread them up
christina popejoy
4 years ago
93 posts

I love this timeline so much so i think we started dreading at the same time. I backcombed my first set and combed out a few months ago after two years :( But maybe it was all meant to be as im inspired to start over naturally now. I've been messing about with one or two TnR but not happy some brushed all my hair. washed it and ready for the natural journey.... Finally! Thanks for the curly dread inspiration!!

4 years ago
174 posts

I babysit a little Irish girl who has curls very similar to your own! I always think how she would have the loveliest dreads...(also just like yours..) :) awesome progress!

4 years ago
3 posts

My oh my I loved them on the first day, they've grown so beautifully you should be proud!

4 years ago
4 posts


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