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Curly dreads timeline

5 years ago
4 posts

Beautiful progression! Your hair is made for locks!!

Rachel NattyDee
5 years ago
74 posts

Erm, thank you, but I think barbie and dreads are slightly incongruent...

Some have dreaded from the root down but some are root up too!

Yes I have seen some shrinking, I think it would be much longer all over if it wasn't dreaded.

Noodle-Doo said:

Someone should make a dready Barbie that's got your hair!
Looks like your curls are dreading from the root downward, did the knotting start at the head end?
Your hair looks longer in each photo, right from the start. Did it shrink at all?

5 years ago
337 posts

Great timeline. I love dreads with curly tips, but I my be biased :)

Rachel NattyDee
5 years ago
74 posts

So I went and made my first ever video, but it's too large to upload - oops. I'm going to try and put it on youtube and then post the link.

Nicole Schaefer
5 years ago
71 posts

I love your timeline so much. Wow! Beautiful beautiful beautiful dreadlocks. I hope I keep my curly ends. :) I love the way it looks.

5 years ago
4 posts


Bob Ngarly
5 years ago
163 posts
I would just like to say that your locs are spectacular, and you are gorgeous!
Mahesa Wong Anabrang
5 years ago
17 posts

all the curls really give them character

Craig Sampson
5 years ago
4 posts
I have similar curls in my hair too. I'm at two days. I hope mine turn out as beautiful as yours
updated by @craig-sampson: 07/16/15 06:21:25PM
Cody Marshall
5 years ago
8 posts


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