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How many dreadlocks do you all have?

7 years ago
2 posts

This was the first time I actually counted them and am at 43...surprised myself! lol They're all sizes from chunky to about as thin as my pinky finger. :D

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Amy Lee2
7 years ago
87 posts

I started with 42 8 months ago. After combining a few that were too thin, I now have 39 :) Im liking the fatter ones better.

viqta eyambe
7 years ago
1 posts

i have 110 and most(70%) are cigarette-thick and a few spaghetti

raene folden
7 years ago
11 posts

I have 41. some are very tiny. last time I had dreads I had 42 and they were all fairly chunky. so theyll be even fatter this time around. Im exited :)
Tied up in knots said:

pardon the weirdness of the way my comment was written...proofreading with a two year old (who ought to be asleep!) in your lap doesn't always work...

What's your dread count raene?

andy macleod
7 years ago
15 posts

I counted 74 but pretty sure I missed a few, I have pretty thin dreads and around 8 wee ones than I twist n ripped a few weeks ago, need to get some more pictures up sometime

7 years ago
7 posts

I keep losing count at 45. AH

Kath Huff
7 years ago
5 posts

i think 67, just counting, but then i think i miscounted LOL. I have various sizes :)

Allyson Self
7 years ago
2 posts

40, good even number, the size of a pencil:)

Gilly's Mum
7 years ago
25 posts

Gilly's got 32. They range in size really... a few are as big as a sharpie and some are much much smaller.... though she does still have a 4 year olds head so I'm sure are her head grows we'll end up with some different and no doubt interesting things going on!

7 years ago
3 posts
Oh wow! Everyone has so many!! Makes me feel a little silly :-D I have 22!They are only 1.5 weeks old, so thicknesses change daily, but some are smaller than a pencil, and others are as big as my thumb! I really love the variety of sizes and mostly everything about them ;) everyone's dreads are as unique as their owners!
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